19 Signs You're An Independent Woman

Screw diamonds, independence is a girl's best friend. You don't rely on anyone else in life, and you pride yourself on your ability to be self sufficient. Here are 19 signs that you're an independent lady. *cue Beyoncé*

1) You Don't Let ANYONE Tell You What To Do.

Even if it is your manager.. taking orders was never your strong point.

2) You Love Being In Charge.

You hate any sort of group project.. others just hold you back. But if there is a group project, you're guaranteed to take the lead.

3) You Need To Be Your Own Boss.

Your favourite position? CEO.

4) You've Been Called Bossy.

I'm not bossy, I'm the boss.

5) You Don't Need No Man.

They only slow down your plans for world domination.

6) Destiny's Child 'Independent Women' Is The Soundtrack To Your Life.

You've considered having the lyrics engraved on your headstone.

7) You Don't Accept Drinks On Nights Out.

But I already have a drink and wow, I bought it myself!

8) Or Coffee on Dates.

You disagree with any sort of 'old fashioned' dating rules.

9) In Fact, You Rarely Date.

You're too busy being an independent lady.

10) You Have High Standards for Absolutely Everything In Your Life.

You don't need anyone, so they need to be pretty amazing to change that.

11) You Solve Your Own Problems.

Because lets face it, even if you did ask for advice, you wouldn't take it.

12) You're The Group Therapist.

People seem to think you have your life sorted.

13) You Hate Any Sort Of Old Fashioned Traditions.

Stay at home and mind the kids? No thanks, I'd rather get a promotion whilst still having three rugrats of my own.

14) You'd Rather Pull A Muscle Than Let Any Man Lift Something For You.

You actually find it insulting, even though they mean well.

15) You're A Feminist And You Let Everyone Know About It.

But in a nice way. You gently remind them that yes, gender equality is important.

16) Your Main Goal In Life Is To Be Self Sufficient.

Nothing will satisfy you more than knowing you paid for everything yourself.

17) The Thoughts Of A Joint Bank Account Scares You

But then you can see how much I spend on clothes and food...

18) You Don't Understand Girls Who Let Their Boyfriends Pay for Everything For Them

It genuinely amazes you how they do it. Get yo' own damn money.

19) You're All For Treatin' Yo'self

After all, you won't let anyone else treat you...

Emma Mulholland
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Journalism and French student with an unhealthy obsession for all things fashion and beauty. Comedy nerd and art enthusiast. I just want to live in Paris and enjoy lattes and croissants on a daily basis.
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