"I Woke Up Like This" 19 Overused Instagram Captions That Need To Stop

Referring to someone you're going out with as “this guy” might be the most annoying eyesore ever. Please, just stop.


1. “I woke up like this.”

2. “Sunday Funday!”

3. "Roll on (insert month with festival line up)"


4. "(Insert city), you're looking well"

5. "Cheat meal”

6. “Hope *Insert any place that is clearly ready* is ready for us!!!”


7. “The boy did good”

8. “He’s a keeper.”

9. “New year, new me!”


10. “Feeling Blessed.”

11. Taylor Swift lyrics on a selfie.

12. Taylor Swift lyrics in general, tbh.


13. “Is it nearly the weekend?!”

14. "Squad goals"


15. "Hello Spring"

16. "He liked it so he put a ring on it"

17. "#fitfam"

18. "Paying for it today"

19. "#CleanEating"

Sarah Power
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