21 Reasons Every Girl Has Used To Swipe Left On Tinder

Countless hours are spent trawling through the faces on Tinder, only to end up actually having a conversation with about three of those people. Us girls are picky enough as it is but when we're using an app that's designed to be pretentious as fuck, it's hard not to be an asshole. Here are some reasons every girl has used to swipe left at least once...

1) His first picture is with a girl.

2) You still can't figure out which one he is after five pictures.

3) His first picture is of his abs.

4) All of his pictures are of his abs.

5) He's taking a selfie in the mirror.

6) His shoes don't match his suit.

7) He's wearing a wifebeater and doing a ridiculous pose.

8) His butt cheeks are on show in at least one of his pictures.

9) His friends look like dickheads.

10) You have more than twenty mutual friends on Facebook.

11) He's lying in bed with his shirt off.

12) His first picture is clearly taken from his Snapchat story.

13) His bio is a quote from Anchorman.

14) He doesn't look as hot in his last picture as he did in his first.

15) His first picture is of him with a celebrity.

16) He has a clich├ęd tattoo across his chest.

17) He plucks his eyebrows better than you pluck your own.

18) He's smaller than the girl he's standing next to.

19) His second picture is with a baby (I don't care if he claims it's not his).

20) His pictures look like they're from a professional photo shoot.

21) His bio says "Actually 17".

Olivia Dawson
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Olivia is a Journalism and New Media student at the University of Limerick. As well as writing for College Times, she is also a contributor with Campus.ie and SpunOut.ie. After college Olivia hopes to write feature articles and/or opinion pieces for a New York magazine, from a penthouse suite in Manhattan, earning a six-figure annual salary. She's also known for being slightly over-ambitious.
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