For Balding Men Everywhere, It's Not All Bad - 23 Balding Benefits

It's certainly one of life's worries. But does it really have to be. Bald men (and women) stand as a shining example of confident people in a world that is so materialistic and trend based. Here's our look at the great and fun things about going bald.

1. You don't have to dry/blowdry your hair or spend 20 minutes styling it in the morning

2. You can still slag gingers......it's ok, I'm a ginger.

3. No bad hair days



4. No dandruff or head lice. Yay


5. Extremely short showers


6. You can aspire to such celebrities as Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan and the hilarious George from Seinfield.

7. You can grow a beard and become an upside down face. Yay


8. Your style never changes, you keep the same old same old consistency, while others wince at their former glories..

9. Some people will just never treat you as an equal....

10. ....But you really couldn't careless.......now go back and look at the licker's t-shirt (lol)


 11. 'Bald guys are more virile'....although..... that's not altogether true.

The theory is based on an experiment done in the sixties whereby a doctor followed the lives of 21 boys he had castrated (legally, due to behavioural or mental issues, sick innit) for a period of 18 years. As their castration meant they produced lower testostertone and all kept their hair, he made the assumption that high levels of testosterone causes baldness. Hence the theory. The truth is that baldness is more down to genetics.

12. Cheaper on the pocket..

Just buy a clippers for the remaining patchy areas and that's your hair fees sorted for the year.


13. You shriek at the thought of sunburn....

14. ....But it's irrelevant because you are an aerodynamical masterpiece.

If you have previously never taken up swimming or cycling we suggest you do. You'll probably become world champion...definitely.


17. You can dress up as Hitman at parties....

18. ..Or Dr. Evil


19. However, should you still not be comfortable in yourself there is hope...

The patent on chemical compound minoxidil expired in 1996 meaning the hair regrowth drug industry has since exploded. Products such as Rogain and Regaine are now cheap as chips...making regrowth almost instantaneous.

20. Hair transplants are also an option. Although...who want's to look like Wayne Rooney?


21. George Washington was actually bald....we think


22. People will pat you for good luck...YAY


23. And hairless head massages are awesome.....

Colin O'Dwyer
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