27 Things You Should Never Say On Your First Tinder Date

We've all had our nightmare date stories. She ate her burrito off the ground. He hit on the waitress. She low-key mentioned she was a racist. He ate a lot of cheese. A lot. So, let's learn from each other. Please, do not say any of these things on your next Tinder date.

1. "I just need to Snapchat my dinner real quick."

2. "Any hot friends?"

3. "I'll order for you."


4. "So, would you say you're a light weight?"

5. "I just kinda feel like I'm never really sexually satisfied, and I've tested a LOT of different ways."


6. "What would you rate me, out of ten?"

7. "In the world of filters, are you more of a Perpetua or a Valencia?"


8. "You certainly know how to use filters for selfies anyway"

9. "Oh wow, someone's hungry"


10. "I'm really good at oral sex, I've been told"

11. "You seem nervous."

12. "I'd vote for Trump if I could."


13. "You're not my type normally."

14. "I feel like this is super awkward."


15. "Channing Tatum is my favorite actor."

16. "People are just really intimidated by me."


17. "My grandma would kill me if I dated someone who wasn't catholic."

18. "What a beautiful neck! Man, if I were a vampire..."


19. "I picked this restaurant because I have a coupon."

20. "Would you mind if my friend stopped by?"


21. "I just feel like you could really benefit from working out."

22. "Parents are the best roommates!"

23. "I just never use condoms."


24."So, how am I doing?"

25. "Can we start over?"


26. "I don't really believe in monogamy."

27. "So, what are your fetishes?"


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