27 Times Amy Schumer Nailed The Single Girl Thing

What even was a world before Amy Schumer came along? She's up there with some of the best and the funniest and her single girl-ness is unparallelled. Here are 27 times Amy Schumer nailed being chronically single:

1. Being single in a world full of couples can be difficult to deal with.

2. But single life does have its perks.

3. You can do things that people in relationships can’t.

4. You don’t have to pretend to like your partner’s friends.

5. And you can find the fun in almost anything.

6. After a while however, it starts to lose its appeal.

7. And you begin to question why you are still single.


8. You have to wonder if people just don’t see you.

9. Your friends try to set you up with complete randoms all the time…

10. Which never works out.

Being pushed into a relationship is just stressful!

11. So really, it’s just a massive waste of time and effort getting ready for it.

12. And even if the random person is nice, you still don’t know how to flirt with them.

13. In fact, you’ve probably driven a few people away by trying to flirt!


14. That’s why you always meet at a bar…

Social lubricant is 100% necessary.

15. But you also can’t get ~too~ drunk on a date.

You can’t win!

16. If it even gets to that point, you’ll be absolutely confused if you go home with them.

17. You probably don’t even remember how to ~sex~ anyway.

Who knows what people do these days?

18. And god forbid if things get awkward afterwards…

…this is NOT OK.

19. Why not just do you?


20. Life’s better when there’s no one else to worry about.

21. Who cares if it gets a little lonely.

22. Or scary.

23. Mixed signals are such a hassle to deal with!


24. At least you don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations!

25. Everything is on your terms.

As it should be.

26. Single people get to live their best lives.

27. Don’t you forget it!

H/T Buzzfeed

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