Can You Picture Your Life Without Them? 6 Signs That You Might Have Fallen In Love

So you've been going out with a guy/girl for a few months. Things have been going well but wait! What's this? You feel a little bit odd around them. Not only that, but even when you're not in their company, you can't stop thinking about them. Are things getting serious? Here are six signs that you've fallen in love.

1. You Always Want To Know What They're Doing

Not in a creepy, "I want to know every ingredient in the sandwich you had for lunch" way, but you have a genuine interest in their day and what they got up to. Listening to them tell you about it isn't laborious. You aren't thinking about what you're going to say when they're finished, because you enjoy listening to them. You may well be in love!

2. You Think About Them When You're Trying To Go To Sleep

You know when you're lying in bed and you just can't sleep? You went to bed really tired but, now that you're alone with no distractions, (s)he is all you can think about. You go over everything you said to them that day and curse yourself for saying anything stupid or cringey. Fretting about this stuff keeps your mind alert and you end up still awake at 2am, having gone to bed at 11.30 p.m. You're falling for them!

3. You Can't Picture Yourself Without Them


If you've been in a relationship for a while and you're truly happy, picturing yourself without them is almost impossible. When people ask you where you see yourself in 5 years, your mind invariably creates a picture of you with that person. You're a wreck!

4. You're Really Happy When They Come Home

When they aren't around you miss them. So when they come home, you're genuinely delighted to see them. By virtue of being around them, your day improves dramatically. Even if you're not doing anything, you're still not bored. Hate to break it to you, but you're in love!

5. You Put Their Emotional Needs Before Your Own

When it comes down to it, you're willing to take an emotional hit for them. If a little bit of suffering on your part saves them pain, you'll do it every time. By extension, you'll make many simple sacrifices for their happiness. For example, if (s)he's in the mood for Mexican but you hate spicy food, you'll chomp down tacos all night to keep him/her happy.

6. Their Flaws Don't Annoy You

If anyone else made eating Doritos sound so revolting, you'd freak the fuck out. When your other half does it, you're fine with it. The fact that they fart in their sleep doesn't phase you either - it's a quirk and you've committed to them, quirks and all. You're in love!

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