7 Reasons It's Great To Be Single This Summer

Being single isn't dependent on the seasons, but if there had to be a perfect time to be single, then right now is it. I mean, you know that glorious feeling that swells inside you this time of year...  Summer creeps into our lives like a warm, lazy shadow at dusk. The notions of Summer and all it's romantic possibilities leaves the soul nourished, and with little actual room for anything else other than your own happiness and fulfilment of adventure. Don't believe me? Well, read on and see why being single is an absolutely awesome way to be this Summer!


1. You're Your Own Boss.

You have no significant other to answer to... No considerable effort is needed by you, only the amount you need to get outside and do something fun with friends!

2. It Can Get TOO Warm At Night Time For Spooning/Cuddles In Summer.


I mean, even if you spooned in a fucking igloo at the height of Winter, it can GET TOO WARM. Sweaty back for girls, itchy, tickled face for guys... Single? Summertime and your bed is your own! Its all up to you then to regulate stuff like pillow-flips, leg-over-blanket tucks, etc.

3. Girly Outings Are The Order Of The Day... Every Day!

"Lets go to that shitty pub to watch the sports thing..." Is a phrase you'll never have to hear... It's all about you and the girls.



4. ...And You Never Have Conflicting Plans With Your Best Friends.

If your squad are planning something, you're available and ready. Also notice that when you are in a relationship, invites to every single squad event seems to dwindle a little bit. I don't know if it's because they think you wouldn't go to them all (which in fairness, you probably wouldn't), or maybe they resent you being in a relationship and possibly resent your guy for taking you away from them so much!


5. Hooking Up With That Person At That Event You Attend Is Never An Issue.


At a festival/weekend away and start talking to someone you find seriously hot? Well happy days, because you're single and you don't have to feel guilty about feeling attraction, AND you can now actually try and follow it up! Who's feeling a little summer lovin'?!

6. Time To Yourself.

Want to do nothing, and do it all day, and preferably indoors and in pyjamas with netflix (and also always chocolate?)?! ... And don't want to have to justify to anybody? Well, newsflash... You don't have to! I mean, I ain't gonna stop ya... I ain't going out with ya!



7. Treat Yo Self!

Ever notice how you have less money when in a relationship?! Then treat yo self! Buy Summer clothes/get drunk/plan trips away, basically treat yo'self! (If you find yourself having more money whilst in a relationship, then you deserve to be in a relationship... I don't know exactly what I mean by that, but at the same time... I know exactly what I mean by that!)


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Credit: Orla McConnon

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