"It's Because He's An Asshole" 7 Reasons Why Your Mates Hate Your College BF/GF

So it appears you've found yourself in a relationship with a great looking, good fun and overall fantastic person. Maybe you can't believe how you could go steady with someone so ambitious, or with massive tits, but it's happened! And that's great... for you. Although, You can't help but notice that your mates have been acting kind of weird recently. They haven't been texting back as much, or they've been going out without you. And before you question anything else, it is because of your new beau. These are the 7 reasons why your mates hate your BF/GF.

7. You've Been A Bit Shit Lately

Every new couple goes into their own loved up world at the start of their relationship, that's expected. But after a lengthy period, your mates won't even bother asking you to come out knowing you're already tucked up in bed, with your beau and Netflix. So if you notice that your mates are hanging out without you, it's 100% because you've been neglecting them recently. And for the love of god don't talk about 'bae' with them, they've listened to you talk about them for too long. 

6. They're Not A Nice Person

Love is blind. In your eyes she's this gorgeous person inside and out, who spends her time nursing sick orphaned puppies and helping the elderly cross the road. In the eyes of your mates, however, she never pays for her share of the taxi fare, bitches about everyone she meets and just seems to be a complete bitch. Or maybe your boyfriend is a super nice guy, with a big smile and makes the best jokes, but your mates see him as big-headed, self-centered, overall dickhead. You may not see this, or at least not yet. Your mates however are sick of her/his shit, but put up with them for you.


5. He/She Is Not Interested In Getting To Know Them

Rule no.1 when you first meet your significant others friends is that you be as nice to them as possible, if you really like your new bf/gf then you'll make the effort to get to know them. Not your other half however. They'll avoid any event with your friends, never make conversation with them unless you're there, or just talk at them with complete disregard, only interest in hearing they're own voice. After numerous attempts to make friendly with your other half have been shot down your mates won't even bother with them anymore.

4. They Think Your S.O Treats You Terribly

Whether you notice or not, your friends will pick up if your gf/bf is a psychotic, paranoid, clingy powerhouse. They hate seeing them start fights with you over ANYTHING. All they want is one night out where you don't have to leave early because f*cking 'bae' thinks you're too drunk, have been flirting with someone else or even jealous because you're having more fun than them. This irritates your mates to a new level of hatred towards your S.O, because they know you deserve better than this absolute psycho you're involved with.


3. They Can't Handle Their Drink

Another night of drunk and disorderly for your other half. While your girl mates are looking after your gf in the bathroom, you're on the dancefloor wrecking with your mates. Or perhaps your boyfriend keeps starting fights with everyone in the club and your lad mates keep having to break up fights with random strangers. Tell your other half to sort their shit out. You owe it to your friends.

2. You Refuse To Go Anywhere Without Your BF/GF

You two are tied at the hip. You love going everywhere together, spend all your time sharing private jokes and nuzzling each other in public. So naturally you're friends are delighted when they show up to hang out with you... and your other half.

Your mates probably don't mind your bf/gf, but they're sick of being in the company of both of you. They just miss hanging out with just you, alone. You probably miss it too, but just don't realise. Honeymoon phase anyone?

1. Your BF/GF Is An Asshole

Your 'bae' and your relationship is a combination of all the above, and therefore you mates hate their guts. But who can blame them? Your other half clearly doesn't give a shit about your friends, and you may be in a terrible relationship. If after a year, your friends still don't like your bf/gf then there's probably a good reason! Talk to your other half about it, if they really care about you they'll make the effort and remember bros before hoes.

Catherine Munnelly
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Catherine Munnelly is a colourfully-haired UCD graduate with a degree in reading books. A pint-sized bundle of wisdom, she has mastered the game of Flip-Cup, enjoys the company of bearded-men and despises rude people. When she's not writing or talking about her dog, you'll find her wandering around Europe telling folk that Leprechauns exist and Bono's her uncle.
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