7 Signs He's SERIOUSLY Not Into You

Lets be honest. We ALL delude ourselves in this department. You know that they don't like you, but there's always that little flicker of hope that burns inside you.

It's hard to say it, but you just know that he's not into you. It's not your fault, it's just the way it is sometimes. Here's the signs to help you realise, so you can move on and get with someone that probably deserves you more.

1. He Barely Remembers Your Name.

And when it gets awkward he's all like, "Sorry, your name is just too different and 'out there', its kinda hard to remember." Ignore him Mary. Move on.

2. You're Not A 'Text Priority.'

He views your texts like an e-mail for college that he probably should reply to within the next month: He might reply, he might not. He most definitely has a half-assed, lame excuse for when he sees you (or his lecturer). "Yeah, you see I was busy, and then I had to do this thing and then...bleehhhhhhhhhhhh"



3. If You Do Ever Make Plans To Hang Out, Its Always On His Terms.

And it always seem that you were the last option available to him. And he gives off the impression that you should feel lucky to be in his presence. And the sad thing is, you are. What ever happened to 'moving on' Martha, or whatever your name is?!



4. He Never Seems To Be Affected By Your Presence.

If he liked you, he'd act it. Some guys always act cool, but we ALL have a 'give', a 'tell' that we like someone. Whether its making more effort than usual, acting giddy, showing off, trying to win your attention, the signs are there. Or not, in your case.


5. He Has Called You A "Friend"/"Pal"/"One Of The Guys."


This can also be accompanied by a sturdy fist to the shoulder as well. Sometimes people can slip this kind of thing into a conversation just to set boundaries, "Oh, aren't we the best of friends, really?!" Its done on purpose. They want you to know that they don't want your attraction to ruin the friendship you both share.

6. He Always Talks About Other Girls In Front Of You.

Such a friend-zone move. If he's thinking of other girls in that way in front of you, you better believe its because he's just not thinking of you in that way AT ALL.



7. When You Just Know.

Its not even like he's doing anything, or not doing anything to suggest he's not interested. Sometimes you just know, and you need to admit that to yourself.

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