7 Things We All Love Seeing on Tinder

Obviously, there are some things we all hate seeing on Tinder (only having group photos, profiles with no descriptions, etc..), but what about the things we adore seeing? It's time to throw affection on the app that's brought us love, friendship, and some of the best flings we've ever had. Here are 7 things we all love seeing on Tinder:

1. Smiles

Oh, you're a happy person? RIGHT SWIPE. Smiles are contagious AND scientifically proven to make you more attractive to others.

2. Good quality photos

I'm not saying you need to hire a professional Tinder photographer. I just want to see your face! There is nothing better than a nice, clear photo of a gorgeous, gorgeous person.

3. Photos that show personality


A bunch of party photos don't do it for most of us. Instead, I think we can all agree that we love seeing pictures with personality. A photo with you and a kangaroo? Yes, please. A photo of you coloring? Why not? Don't be afraid to show your "uncool" side.



4. A diverse variety of photos


You knew this was coming. I don't want to see a dozen photos of your friends. Nor do I want to see a dozen photos of your abs. (Event though they are damn fine!) I want to see a variety of photos that will allow me to accurately judge if you are attractive in all aspects. (No pressure.)

5. A really great description

A good Tinder description is one that not only makes us laugh but one that is truly original and unique. Make us see how your beautiful soul is the perfect compliment to your killer body. This is a hard feat, but some people can just nail it!

6. When someone messages us first (in a non-douchey way)

It's great when the other person strikes up a conversation! That means they are genuinely interested. And when I say "strike up a conversation," I mean strike up a conversation. "Hey" doesn't cut it. Something like, "I really loved that photo of you with that cat. Is he yours?" makes you feel like the other person really cares, you know?


7. Responses to our messages

It sucks when we message first and you don't reply! Or, even worse, when we've been messaging back and forth and you randomly disappear forever. It's like what did I do wrong? (Author's note: if you weren't being douchey, you didn't do anything wrong. Keep being you, lovely!)

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Shanell Peterson
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