8 Reasons Why Being Single In College Is Great

So maybe you’ve found yourself newly-single and are trying to convince yourself you’re not going to die alone with a million acts hanging out of you. Or maybe you’ve always been single and want reassurance that it’s not a some shitty curse. Regardless, being single in college is pretty great, and here are eight reasons why that is.

1. Freedom

You can do whatever the fuck you want without having to consult or prioritise with someone else. You can go travel the world for three months during summer without wondering if they’ll wait for you. (As a side note, if you’re in a relationship and considering “breaking up for the summer”, you probably shouldn’t even be in that relationship in the first place and need to re-evaluate your life.) Freedom is one of those things that you forget what it’s like when you don’t have it, but when you do, it’s pretty liberating.


2. Selfishness


You can focus completely on yourself, like spending all of your pay check on an unnecessary shopping spree. You also have time to get better at your hobbies or sports, so that when the right person comes along, you want them but you certainly don’t need them to complete your life.

3 Friends

You have so much time to socialise and meet new people where you can develop a friendship that will arguably last longer than a lot of college relationships #sadtruth.

4 Emotional Stability

Less drama, less tears – again, you only have to deal with your own shit.




5. Hook-ups Whenever, Wherever, Whoever

College is your time to test the waters and see what you like. You can appreciate the hotness of guys without pretending you didn’t notice their sly six-pack when they lifted up their top. Settling should not be an option in college – especially when there’s plenty of flavours to try.



6. Study Time

Boring (and yes, probably a bit sad) but true. There’s more time to study and actually try to do well in college. Or at least put minimal effort in. Like, let's be honest here.

7. Bed to Yourself


Not a fan of sharing? Is the starfish your favourite sleeping position? Then this is probably #1 reason why being single in college is just great.

8. Tinder

You can play on Tinder and be shallow without getting into trouble. Always fun to kill time and procrastinate from exams. Yeah, so if you could all stop being dramatic and realise that being single in college is not the worst thing in the world.

You’re welcome.





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