8 Things You Should Never Order On A First Date

The wonderful, twisted world of dating. Everything you do is a strategic move, from deciding what to wear to what perfume you are going to spritz. Don't stop there. Strategy has to come into play when you're on the date as well. That means every drink and food item you order will be analyzed, so plan accordingly.


1. Red wine


This is a hard one, especially since I love red wine. But, in reality, it stains your lips and teeth this creepy blood-stained color. I know what you're saying - just wear wine-colored lipstick! That doesn't solve the other half of the issue: the teeth stain. Unless you're prepared to put Vaseline on your teeth (which is GROSS), just steer clear of the red wine on that first date.



2. Burgers


Unless you want to eat the burger with a fork and knife, I would avoid this one. It's just going to be one greasy, sloppy, disgusting mess. That's a third date food order.

3. Onion Rings


Onions....Onions......don't touch the onions, not only do they make your breath stink, they cause you to toot, and I'm not even joking.



4. Pad thai


This is a specific case. There are a lot of fine, tiny ingredients in this dish. And they will ALL stick in your teeth. Next time order rice and chicken.

5. Just anything cheese related...for all my lactose intolerant ladies out there.



Gas, indigestion, nausea, cramps...should I keep going? Just steer clear of dairy, and there won't be an issue.


6. Tacos



There's no graceful way to eat tacos. Everything drops out of the shell, your hands get incredibly messy and greasy, and it's just not an attractive thing to watch someone eat.

7. Chicken wings


The food that actually requires wet napkins? Yeah, that's a no-no. The sauce will get all over your face and hands, and forget about all the chicken in your teeth. This is a dangerous one.


8. Guinness


I get it, I get it - you're a Guinness gal. But, before you eagerly order a pint of Guinness, remember; Guinness is a heavy stout. It will make you feel bloated, gassy, and tired. So, I'd save that pint of Guinness for your next date when you guys are just grabbing a drink or two. Don't make it a first date drink.

Ciara O'Shea
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