9 Topics That Won't Get You A Second Date

Some people know exactly what to say to drive their dates wild and guarantee at least a second date. Others know exactly what to say to get their date to throw a drink in their face and never see them again. It's all trial and error but there's a few topics that you'd want to avoid in general, just to be safe.


1. Politics

Unless you met them at a debate or a rally then just avoid it. Politics are important to some people but most others don't know shit about it and it's probably the last thing you want to talk about. Politics means boring and argumentative and those are two things you do not wanna be.

2. Religion

Same thing as politics. If you met them in bible study or at church then it's probably what they're into but in general who the fuck wants to talk about religion? The only things that come from it are either you look like pretentious atheist wanker or like a tightly buttoned God fearing prude.



3. Your Ex

C'mon. Who the fuck cares? Even if they know your ex leave it out. If you aren't over them don't go on a date with someone.


4. Your Problems

We all have problems. Save them for your friends, family or if you start seeing each other more maybe it's fine to talk about them then but you're here to have fun and relax together, not hold an amateur psychology session.



5. Their Body And Your Kinks

A compliment about their eyes, hair, clothes would be fine, even welcome. But don't start out about their tits or ass. And stay away from weird areas like the feet or neck or something. Like if that's your thing, cool, bring it up if you guys sleep together but ignore your kinks. At least for the first date anyway.



6. Your Body

Confidence is really sexy, nobody likes the feigned insecurity or fishing for compliments but it's even worse when someone just won't shut up about their body. Slipping in that you do, in fact, work out is fine and fitness is a decent topic but don't ask them to touch your biceps. Also let your dick size be a surprise to them.

7. Your Entire Resume

Your jobs are good topics to bring up. You get to learn a little bit about each other, if they're where they want to be and it gives a little info on their personality but the key is to show interest in them. Droning on about all the different jobs you've had over the years is a good way to bore your date.



8. Unusual Hobbies

You collect stamps? Really into owls? Super into binging MMORPG video games? Learning to speak Dothraki? Those are all fine hobbies to share once you get to know each other a bit better.

9. Things That You Hate

Everyone has some things that make them super angry and it's great when you find someone that shares that passionate hatred. A date is not the time to find out. It's good to say if you don't like something, it looks over enthusiastic if you just agree and say you love everything they like. Spending half an hour talking about how much you dislike country music is probably gonna become a little weird and intense after a while.


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