Bargain Vs Blowout - Neutral Palettes

Katie Deevy


Since its release, Urban Decay's infamous 'Naked Palette', has reigned supreme in eye shadows everywhere. So much so, that a second edition, 'Naked 2', has been released. It contains twelve nice pigmented colours ranging from pale champagne to dark grey. I also find that Urban Decay excels in it's make up packaging, and this product is no different.

Sadly, it's stunning look and high quality shades, means that this palette does not come cheap. Ranging from €40 - 45 in different stores, this palette is a bit out of range for the average student to splurge on. So, I went on a quest to find a decent cheaper duplicate and was successful in my discovery...


Voila! The Make Up Academy's 'Undressed Palette'. (Undressed, Naked, get it?). The two palettes have been compared by hundreds of bloggers due the MUA palettes incredible duping quality. It has very similar shades with amazing staying power. While the packaging is sadly not as precious, the ten gorgeous shades make up for the lacklustre packaging.

Urban Decay Swatches 


MUA Swatches 


And how much for a fake Naked palette? £4. Yes, that is four freaking pounds. Less than half the retail price for the Urban Decay version. The only downside to this palette is that it's not available in Ireland yet. However, you can order it from Superdrug.com, or haggle for one on Ebay.ie. So, unless you head over to the U.K., you will have to add post and packaging charges on to the the £4.




In my eyes, it has to be the 'Undressed Palette'. It has all of the benefits of the Naked Palette, minus the packaging, for a fraction of the cost.

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