Being Bisexual: Playing For Both Teams, or a New One?

College is not just a time for exploring new career paths, new majors, new friends, and new cocktail concoctions. College can also be a time to explore your sexuality. Why not? We're human and we enjoy sexual pleasures, hence the term. But what happens if you start to question your sexuality? You might find a person of the same sex very attractive, even though you've only ever liked the opposite gender your entire life. Don't worry, sexual preference is rarely as simple as straight or gay. At least we can all agree, whether we're straight, gay or somewhere in between, that certain men and women are totally gorgeous. Most of us would be happy to spend a night with these rare beauties - maybe not having sex but, like, cuddling and maybe eating a bowl of cereal in bed with them while you laugh at YouTube clips. Our desires fall along a spectrum and you might end up being attracted to someone who will open your eyes to a new sexual experience. This may or may not affect your general preferences in the long run. It might be just one person, it might be a few. Love is love folks and we're here for a good time, not a long time - let's have a bit of fun while we're still young...

1) There Are More Than 3 Sexualities

Gay, straight or bi. Right? Wrong. Life is never that easy. Nature is never that simple. Society demands categorisation, but we don't have to live up to that expectation. Sometimes we don't fit neatly into a box with a title, and that's fine. Were we meant to? I doubt it. I prefer to see sexuality as a spectrum, ranging from completely heterosexual to completely homosexual, with many people falling somewhere in between. Wherever you fall on this scale, or even if you don’t know where you fall, you are not abnormal. It is perfectly natural to be confused and want to experiment. Of course, it's also normal and natural not to have these urges. The point is, don’t ever change yourself to fit someone else’s expectations of you and be tolerant and understanding of others. If having a gay/lesbian experience freaks you out, don't judge others for wanting to experiment or express themselves.

2) I'm Bisexual, You're Confused

Why do some people think it's just a phase and that everyone has to pick a side? Women are so much easier for other women to understand and relate to. We're the same sex after all. Societal norms have encouraged us to be close to one another, to share our deepest fears, shames and desires with one another. Often, a deep emotional connection with someone can lead to a physical attraction... and it doesn't hurt if the girl is smoking hot either. To put it in a heterosexual perspective: if a cute guy is really nice to you and you find you have a lot in common, you tend to gravitate towards them and find them increasingly attractive, until they are the hottest thing around.


3) Bisexual People Are Just Needy/Greedy

Really? We're turned on by people, not genitals. We tend to lean towards those we have an emotional connection with. Sometimes those people are men, sometimes they are women. We have needs and, sometimes, those needs can't be filled with a penis. Then again, sometimes they can. But more often than not, it depends on the type of person at the end of the penis. Honestly, I don't care what gender you are, I care about what sort of person you are. As for being greedy, I can only speak for myself but I'm very generous in the bedroom - I know it's not all about me, it's about my partner too.

4) Monogamy is Impossible With a Bisexual Person

False. As a bisexual woman, you can be in a committed and loving relationship with a man and remain totally faithful. Unless cheating is your thing. Being faithful has nothing to do with sexuality, but rather what kind of person you are. Just because bisexual people are attracted to men and women, it does not mean they have no control over their genitals and will attempt to seduce everyone that passes their way. Bisexual men and women are loyal and loving too, that's not solely for straight/gay/lesbian people.

5) Bisexual People are Just Looking For Attention

Really? Maybe some people are but, the last time I hooked up with someone, there were only two people in the bed - I don't tend to talk about what goes on in my bedroom and he doesn't either. Sure, maybe some people do use their sexual preferences to appear 'interesting'. Some straight people sleep with the hottest girls/guys in their class, just to be able to say they did, even if they are the biggest assholes in the universe. So my argument is: some people, regardless of gender or sexual preference, crave attention. Some people are needy. Bisexuals are just like everyone else, we just want love.

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