The Benefits Of Having A Boyfriend In College

Ok, so for all you ladies and guys out there who are thinking that you're missing out on the college experience because you have your boo, do not consider ending it before reading how good you have it. Trust me, I have been there, especially at the start of my relationship. Your thinking, am I missing out? Would I have more fun not being tied down? Would I like to have one night stands? Three-way shifts? Bit of experimenting? Who knows? Do not make any rash decisions, because before you realise it, you are rolling over to some disaster you met with your beer goggles that you had from the night before, instead of the person you really loved.

 1) Sex

The number one benefit for everyone, well not everyone, but most people is that you can have sex whenever you want with someone you have an emotional connection with. Sex 24/7, every day of the week if you wanted, deadly! For me, those dry spells are very frustrating. The emotions go from angry to happy, crying to laughing and horny to hungry. The only one thing to cure that is sex. You don't have to go out looking for some stranger, just one text, phone call or maybe if he is beside you just one slip of the hand and you are sorted.

 2) Give Them A Round Of The Clap

The next thing you will benefit from is avoiding that embarrassing visit to the doctor. At least when you have a boyfriend you will know the in's and out's of him and his, eh, functions. When you are having them crazy one night stands, one after the other, God only knows what you are picking up off God knows who. You are having sex with someone, who has had sex multiple times with other strangers and then they have had sex with other strangers and so on so forth. Before you know it, you are in the doctors waiting room, with an uncomfortable feeling, dying of embarrassment.

3) No Heating? No Problem

 We all know student houses are not anything like the White House. Single glazed windows, drafts of wind blowing in, radiators that don't really work, spending loads of money that you do not have on oil that goes nowhere. But this is where your other half comes in. It is a cold, windy, rainy night. The wind is blowing in through your shite windows, you are scrunched up in the foetal position trying to heat yourself up in your bed, the best thing to cure that, is cuddle into your boyfriend and heat up through body heat. And maybe, if you are lucky, one thing will lead to the other...

4) Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

We all love a bit of bling bling. And if you have a boyfriend, you are guaranteed a little something here and there. Now women, I am not saying to give up your Destiny Childs-Independent Women attitude, but it is no harm in your boyfriend knowing what you like and treating you to something special every now and again. And maybe something in return for him, if he deserves it. All the single ladies will be a little bit jealous. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being single, but getting something for free is priceless...


5) To Go Out, Or Not To Go Out? That Is The Question

 So we all have this problem, whether we are with someone or not. But the benefits of having a boyfriend in these circumstances is so much better than being single. If you decide to go out, you are more than likely to go out with your friends and your boyfriend will be out with his friends as well. When you are in the nightclub, least you do not have to go on a manhunt or as my friends would say, look for a ten to two job (looking for a man near the end of the night to bring home with you that will do for the ride!) That walk of shame across campus is soul crushing, specially for girls, we are in dresses, heels in our hands. It is just embarrassing. And if you don't go out, your boyfriend might not either. Anyone that I have talked to about being in a relationship always say it is not the same going out on your own without your boyfriend being out. Maybe it is the vulnerability of not having your man there, so other guys get the picture? I'm not too sure, but it does not feel right. But girls and guys in a relationship, it is very important for your girlfriend to have a girls night out and for your boyfriend to have a guys night out. Space is essential.

 6) Valentines

This is one of the best parts of being in a relationship if you are a cheesy, old, romantic like me. Before I was in a relationship, I hated spending this day on my own. Seeing all the couples in their own little bubble of love, flowers and chocolates being bought in shops, I felt like vomiting. But now, I love it! For people in relationships it is a lovely day, to just catch up on each others lives and see where both of ye are at. Go out for a lovely meal, come home, eat popcorn, chocolate and watch a couple of films whilst cuddling into each other. It sounds so cheesy, but it feels so nice to be a part of it. Then head on up to bed and have a serious love making session. Tops it all off.

Sara Gahan
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