The Best Fake Twitter Accounts

The Best Fake Twitter Accounts

Some people have just too much time on their hands, then again, if those people are creating the gold you will read below I say more power to them. Take a read through (and follow if you will) some of the funniest and best fake twitter accounts on all of the twitter machine....

Evil Kagawa - @evilkagawa 

Shinji Kagawa Photo 2013 02

A brilliant look at a fictional Manchester United and the thoughts of the Japanese international

God - @TheTweetOfGod



The hilarious insight the divine one has on human kind....

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford - @TOMayorFrod

Mayor Rob Ford speaks to media after his meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty , Police Chief Bill Bl

After some of his actual outbursts, the content on the  parody twitter feed of everyone's favourite Canadian Mayor may be closer to real life than anything....


Fill Werrell - @FillWerrell


Will Ferrrel's parody looks at life's simple things....

Soccer Guy - @usasoccerguy



An Americanised view of soccer, mostly the English Premier League...a must follow for any guy.

Feminist Hulk - @feministhulk 


Whats the only thing worse than a feminist? A male feminist Hulk feminist....


Not Big Sam - @TheBig_Sam


One of the original parody accounts on Twitter....and still one of the best.

Big Sam's fingers absolutely reek of Tottenham this season. I've blasted their fannies off twice and I'm feeling sublime. Fucking sublime. — notBigSam (@TheBig_Sam) December 18, 2013

Pimp B. Clinton - @PimpBillClinton



The foul mouthed account of the former US president....

Elizabeth Windsor - @Queen_UK


Liz' fake twitter shows how she really views the British government, as well as her opinion of Prince Harry's fictional appearance on Take Me Out.


Boring James Milner - @BoringMilner


Strange musings from inside the secret life of James Milner...

West Ham are wearing white shirts, sky blue shorts & sky blue socks and City are wearing sky blue shirts, white shorts & white socks. Crazy — Boring James Milner (@BoringMilner) January 8, 2014

The Batman - @TheBatman


The caped crusader's parody account see's him take on pop cultures finest.

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