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Every now and again talented individuals arise and shape the very style of music within an era. From “Ray Charles” to “Elton John”, these musicians have impacted the direction of musical composition by creating a unique sound that influences the musicians to come.

On the list of influential musicians a French duo, known as Daft Punk, would be found placed smugly close to the top. Emerging from post-rave era, the band, consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, became famous musicians in extent of nearly two decades. While their music is enjoyed worldwide; they are not widely recognized due to their decision to opt out of the public eye with the help of their now iconic masks.



Being influenced by groups such as “The Rolling Stones” and “The Beach Boys”, Daft punk weren’t scared to stray far from the musical norm of their era. They created their own musical era by experimented with drum machines and synthesizers to create their first album called “Homework “.

This album was regarded as “one of the most influential dance albums of the nineties”.  From then on Daft Punk has been changing the direction of Dance music with an innovative, precise and unpredictable approach to producing their music.


With this in mind, the question arises ‘what are Daft Punks best songs?’ Well at College Times, we’ve put together a list of our top 15 songs created by the acclaimed “Masters of Music and Hype”.


1) One More Time



Being listed at #307 on the Rolling Stone’s amended “The Greatest Songs of All Time” in May 2010 and voted by Mixmag readers as the greatest dance record of all time, there’s no doubt that One More Time is Daft Punks greatest song


2) Aerodynamic

3) Digital Love

4) Around The World

5) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


6) The Prime Time of Your Life

7) Da Funk

8) Robot Rock

9) Get Lucky

10) Human After All

11) Within


12) Doin’ It Right


While One More Time was released on the 13th November 2000, proving it has successfully stood the test of time, Doin’ It Right Feat Panda Bear is featured on “Random Access Memories” which was released on May 17th 2013.  Placed at #12 this song fuses a laid back summer vibe with a cheerful beat that’s hard not to bounce to.


13) Something About Us

14) Beyond

15) Face to Face

Of course it’s a matter of taste as to the order of preference that Daft Punks songs are placed, however we feel if you don’t enjoy listening to the intoxicatingly catchy sounds of Daft Punk there’s something wrong with your circuits!

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