Blog Lovin': Fluff and Fripperies

This week Amber Leigh Doyle caught up with Emma Henderson, the creator of renowned blog Fluff and Fripperies.


  1. My guilty pleasure: splurging on fancy, high-end makeup when I’m supposed to be downsizing my collection, not adding to it!

  2. My makeup essentials: these change constantly but at the moment I love a good BB cream (Kiehl’s, Dior and Clarins are all fab), with a bright lip. I love Chanel’s new Rouge Coco Shine formula which has 30% more pigment than before. Estee Lauder’s new gel blushers, Cello Shots Pure Colour Cheek Rush, are also divine.

  3. My skincare routine: is all about the Clarisonic! It’s made such a difference to my skin. My favourite cleanser with it is the Skinceuticals Blemish and Age foaming cleanser and right now I’m using and loving the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream moisturiser.

  4. I love listening to: pop punk, especially when the sun shines- The Undertones’ Here Comes The Summer has been perfect this weather!

  5. I love hanging out in: Crackbird or the Damson Diner for good food that’s easy on the pocket, and The Exchequer for cocktails which are very, very hard on the pocket but too delicious to resist.

  6. My Sundays are spent: brunching and blogging!

  7. My ideal date is: a boozy lunch and a wander around town in the sunshine, hand in hand with my handsome hubby.

  8. My favourite book is: probably anything by Margaret Atwood.

  9. My favourite part of the day is: relaxing with a glass of wine over dinner.

  10. My wardrobe must-haves are: ankle boots (I live in my Buffalo bullets), casual dresses, and leather/army/sequinned jackets that will dress them up or down in a second.

  11. The things that make me happiest are: friends, food and sunshine.

  12. I can’t live without: my iPhone, a good hair oil and my little Canon camera.

  13. My style icons are: Debbie Harry, Kurt Cobain and Joey Ramone.


Quick Fire Round:

  • High heels or Flats- Mid heeled boots, thanks very much.

  • Beach holiday or City break- I’ll take ‘em both as long as the weather is good.

  • Chocolate or Crisps- Oh crisps, fo’ sho’.

  • Jewellery or Handbags- I’ll take a handbag full of jewellery, ta!

  • Art Exhibitions or Festivals- I like art, but the right festival is kinda like heaven on earth.

  • Debbie Harry or Madonna- Debbie Harry!!

  • Coffee or Tea- Coffee in the morning and tea at night.

  • Cats or Dogs- I like both, but cats are my favourite (don’t tell the dogs).

Aaron Broom
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