How Bloody Sad Would You Need To Be To Use Tinder's New 'Boost' Feature?

How Bloody Sad Would You Need To Be To Use Tinder's New 'Boost' Feature?

Seriously. Do they really think this is a good idea?

Do they really think adult humans are going to pay money for this? Real money, that you can actually buy nice things with?

If so... well, either the brains behind Tinder have gone seriously defective, or the world in which we live is a place too miserable to even bear thinking about.

So what exactly is it?

The feature, in case you hadn't come across it yet, is called Tinder Boost – and in short, it allows you to pay to have your profile come up first when users start swiping, for a period of 30 minutes.

According to Tinder's Brian Norgard, Head of Revenue and Core Product:

"We are always looking at ways to improve our user experience. Our tests in Australia and the UK show us that users receive 8-10x more profile views and 3x more matches on average when Boost is activated."


Which is fine, and there's no arguing with cold hard data... but Jesus, isn't the idea of this whole thing that you use it to find people whom you're attracted to, and who like you in return? As in, without being hoodwinked or tricked into it?

But that's not the worst thing. Whatever about the SuperLike, which is at least available to all users but costs for extra uses, this is something where your potential matches will know you're paying for extra attention. So you're crying out 'desperado' before they've even said hello to you.


Pricing still hasn't been unveiled, but it's estimated that it will cost users between €2 and €3 for 30 minutes.

Money well spent... on coming across like the most desperate human being of all time, and tricking people into thinking momentarily that they might like you.

Heartbreaking stuff, really...

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