Forget Oysters and Champagne, Chicken Fillet Rolls And Tea Are Aphrodisiacs

Forget Oysters and Champagne, Chicken Fillet Rolls And Tea Are Aphrodisiacs

If you have ever tasted oysters you'll know its an acquired taste and washing them down with a glass of Champagne, you end up paying a pretty penny to impress your love interest. Forget the fancy restaurants, get yourself down to the nearest deli for two chicken fillet rolls for you and your date.

Chicken fillet rolls have become an Irish delicacy over the years. For anyone that has lived abroad you'll know as soon as you hop off that plane, your first destination is the nearest deli. It is the perfect lunchtime snack, hangover cure and now according to research an aphrodisiac. The best part of all this Irish delicacy costs you less than €5.

According to Healthline reports, Carnitine and L- arginine are amino acids that improve blood flow. As we learnt in sex-ed or at least should have learnt, uninterrupted blood flow is crucial to sexual response in both men and women. In addition to the amino acids, the carbohydrates and Vitamin B from the bread will boost the energy levels you need to do the deed.

After the bedroom antics, one can crave a nice comforting drink to refresh and replenish. Tea lovers out there you'll be happy to know that tea is also aphrodisiac. We always had our suspicions, a good cup of tea solves everything. As Mrs Doyle herself said, "It doesn't matter what day it is, Father. There is always time for a nice cup of tea! Sure didn't our Lord Himself on the cross pause for a nice cup of tea before giving Himself up for the world?". And she's spot on, the benefits of tea have reach whole new levels. Ginseng tea boosts sexual arousal and combats erectile dysfunction. According to Cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Oz, Ginseng tea contains compounds called ginsenosides that affect gonadal tissue, increasing sperm count as well as sexual performance for both women and men.


So now there you have it. Cancel any of you highfalutin Valentines plans, stock your cupboards with Ginseng tea and get yourself down to your local deli for a hot chicken fillet roll. If you get lucky you have us to thank.

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