Constant Crying & Cruel Comments: 17 Signs You're With The Wrong Person

When you're going out with somebody they're supposed to make you feel all lit up inside. You find yourself smiling for no reason and gushing about them to others, even if it's over nothing more than them giving you the last slice of pizza. Then, after a while, things start to change and you begin to feel like a different person. This doesn't always happen, but here are a few signs that you might just be with the wrong person....

1) They Try To Change Who You Are


So you're a bit different, you might be a bit eccentric, creative or interested in things that venture away from the 'norm'. If they're constantly dissing who you are as a person, then odds are, they don't like the person that you are. Find somebody that loves you for you because it's the least you deserve.

2) They Try To Change What You Look Like



You might love to wear makeup and dress up everyday and that's just how you've always been. It makes you feel good about yourself. If they want you to stop making an effort and wear tracksuit bottoms and no makeup, then they're trying to make you someone that you aren't. The same goes if you don't like to wear makeup and always dress up. If they want you to do the opposite, then don't worry, somebody that loves you exactly the way that you are will come along very soon.

3) You're Constantly Crying 


This is a HUGE indication that things are really wrong. You're meant to be excited and happy, not crying yourself to sleep at night. If you find that you're crying around them, then they aren't good for you. You should be laughing when you're together and not spending that time upset.

4) You Can't Speak Freely



When you're with them, you find yourself sitting there thinking about what you should or shouldn't say and what you can or can't say. They're always jumping down your throat, being a bit condescending, and they make you feel as though you can't be yourself.

5) You Don't Look Forward To Seeing Them Anymore 


You used to look forward to seeing them, but now it's turning into a drag. You'd rather hang out with your family or friends because they're the people that love you for you and they make you happy.

6) You're The One Always Organising Seeing Each Other 



If they're really into you, nothing will stop them from seeing you. They'll always make sure that plans are made to see one another and you won't be left sitting around, not making other plans at the slight chance that they might open their mouth the night before and say "oh what are you doing tomorrow, want to come down to mine?" You're better than this.

7) You Find Yourself Looking At Other Options


This is a really bad sign. You wouldn't be bothered with anyone else if you were happy with the person that you're with. If you start to imagine yourself with different people, or get tempted to cheat, then break up with them immediately. Cheating is wrong, there's no point stringing someone along if you're off with other people behind their back.

8) You Don't Have Date Nights Anymore



Ok, fair enough if neither of you has a job, but you should be getting out at least once a week and having a date night. If your boyfriend doesn't want to take you out and wants to 'Netflix and Chill' all of the time, then he's just not that into you. He isn't trying to impress you and really, he's not that arsed. If your girlfriend doesn't want to be seen anywhere in public with you, then signs are that you're an embarrassment to her. Awkward.

9) You're Fighting Non Stop 

A little bit of disagreement from time to time is healthy in a relationship, but there's a line and if you're both full on arguing the whole time, then it's time to say goodbye (now I'm singing the song). Good times are supposed to outweigh the bad times and fighting non-stop is definitely not a good time!


10) Your Family And Friends Don't Like Them


You don't want to be with someone that can't get along with your family and friends. They're always going to be around and, at the end of the day, there's obviously a big fault if none of them like who you're going out with. They know you best, they have your best intentions at heart, and they love you. Remember that.

11) You Have Different Ambitions In Life


So you want to work as hard as you can to achieve the best that you can and they couldn't really give a flying f**k about anything. They're happy being a college drop out and getting any job that they can get and don't really have any dreams or ambitions. Get out fast! You're going to end up with a bum if you don't.


12) They Don't Seem Interested in Your life


If they aren't asking you how things are going or how you're feeling, and don't make conversation with you about serious topics, then they simply don't care. If you feel like you could both sit in silence and watch TV with zero conversation being made, then why don't you just sit at home doing that alone?

13) They Aren't Sharing What's Going On In Their Life With You



Communication is a big part of a relationship and if they don't include you in things that are going on in their life, then they don't see you as someone important. If you find things out days after they happen, then that's too late and communication is already a major issue.

14) They Never Ring You


What is with people and just texting all of the time? Pick up the phone and let them hear it from your mouth that you miss them or want to make plans to do something with them. It's shocking that 10 minutes out of someone's day to make the effort to use their voice and speak to you is something that doesn't happen often enough.

15) They Call You Really Awful Names



You don't need someone in your life who always speaks down to you. Why be with someone who brings you down? You shouldn't stand for somebody speaking to you in a disgusting or degrading way. Stand the hell up for yourself.

16) You Don't Really Trust Them


Trust your gut instinct. There's obviously a reason why you don't 100% trust them and that isn't going to change over time.

 17) You Feel Relief When You Get Home After Seeing Them


If you're getting in after a day of torture with the other person and feeling joy the minute you shut the door behind you, then this is a sure sign that you're extremely unhappy. Toxic relationships are a waste of time; don't waste your time or effort on them anymore. NEXT.

Clara Caslin
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Clara is a self confessed lipstick addict that loves blogging about beauty and fashion on her blog Chatterbox Clara. She loves 80's music and films and is also obsessed with romantic, classic black and white films and Disney films too! She is a major animal lover and aspires to be a broadcast journalist.
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