Cork Teen Wins $50,000 Google Science Award

Cork Teen Wins $50,000 Google Science Award

When we're not winning Love Island or the Open, we Irish people are winning lots of other prizes, like the Google Science Fair, which was won by 18-year-old Fionn Ferreira pf west Cork yesterday.

Fionn's project attempts to pioneers a way to remove microplastics from the sea. He was one of 24 finalists, and defeated students from around the world to win the top overall prize.

He told Morning Ireland today:


“People obviously enjoy what I’m doing and people are getting excited about science just like me. I think, for me anyway, I love inspiring other people to do science and I think this is recognition that I’ve inspired the judges about science too,” he said.

“Of course this award will also include travel elements, there is several other trips involved with this award and working closely with the partners of this competition - Scientific American, National Geographic, Virgin Galactic and of course Lego. All of those have perks built in to this award. It’s an amazing honour to be selected for this.

“For me the greatest part of this award is actually just being a finalist and just that recognition.”

What a legend. Well done Fionn.

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