8 Hidden Signs He's Falling For You

You get that a guy who asks for your number, makes lots of eye contact, maybe even touches your arm in a non-creep way is into you. But what are some signs that you aren't looking for but obviously should be looking for so you can know if he likes you and start planning your Pinterest wedding together?

1. You're His Final Point Of Eye Contact When He Leaves The Room

He gets up to say goodbye to the group, he's got to head out, and before he hits the door and his eyes scan over everyone, you are his last point of eye contact before he walks out. He wants your face to be in his head as he heads home, and in his mind, you're his most important goodbye for the night, not the host.

2. He Checks For Your Reaction When He's Talking

When he's telling a story to a whole group, he specifically looks into your face to see if you're interested/laughing/however he hopes you're responding to this point in the story. He's got a larger audience but really he just wants to make sure you're paying attention and enjoying yourself.

 3. When He Texts Back, The Texts Are Long Or He Asks Questions


Aka he wants to continue your text conversation. When guys give you one word answers or leave it to you to ask a question and keep the conversation going, he's probably not "bad at texting" as you tell yourself, he's probably just not interested. So the guy that works to keep you talking is definitely wanting to get closer to you.

4. His Shoulders Are Squared To You

Guys unconsciously point their bodies toward the thing that they want, so maybe he's talking to his guy friends but his shoulders are square and his dick is literally pointed to you he's interested. Body language is more telling than whatever language is pouring out of his mouth.

5. He Won't Let Things Get Physical Too Quickly


If he wants a real relationship with you and not just sex, he'll avoid letting things get physical quickly, to convey to you that he is looking for a relationship and not a hook-up. So don't be alarmed if he hasn't tried to kiss you yet: it doesn't necessarily mean you're in the friend zone.

 6. He Remembers Little Things About You

Does he notice when you get a minor trim or randomly remember your dog's name from that story you told him at a bar two weeks ago? Don't just dismiss this as his having an amazing memory. We can hold only so much information in our brains, so if he remembers these things, that means he tried to remember them and thought your stories were important.

7. He Mentions Things You Should Do In The Future

Guys are afraid of commitment and of the ever-looming future. So if he says, yeah I need to take you to that Mexican restaurant sometime soon, or he suggests you two should see this movie when it comes out, he really wants to keep seeing you. Otherwise, his mind would only be in the now, most likely thinking "how do I get laid tonight?"


8. He Cleans Up To See You

Is he clean shaven, hair brushed, and decently dressed each time he sees you? That's his way of trying to impress you. And if there's any guy who consistently looks good in front of you and you think might be interested...lock that down.

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