"Delete Her": How to Not Be a Jealous Freak

Ladies (and gents?) we have all been there and if you haven't, you secretly have. Don't lie. Jealousy has been around since the dawn of time, look at the Greek Goddess Hera, perfect example, Hera was known for her jealous and vengeful nature against Zeus's other lovers, she also went mental when the greek god Paris had chosen Aphrodite as the most beautiful Goddess, that bitch. Being a little jealous is ok, I mean, you know your bae is a total babe and other guys and gals are guna notice that too but you're just guna have to suck it up and deal with it.


But how far is too far? Telling your boo to delete that bitch you saw him talking to that night, with the blonde hair and the perfect smile? A totally innocent conversation I'm sure- but in your head you've already envisaged what their babies would look like. Or maybe he spent a little bit too much time paying for his 99 in Maxol, wouldn't you know the cashier is a total babe, and you're sat in the car hungover, no make up and the stench of last nights burger after the club lingers on your skin. UGH


Here are my tips and tricks on how not to be a jealous freak of nature (like me)


1. Be Honest When You're Feeling Threatened


This is so so important. You gotta tell em' you love em'. Let your boo know that you don't feel great about the fact he/she has started working alongside this absolute ride or maybe you're on a night out and he's over having the lols with an old gal pal he's known for years and you start to think, shit, do I make him laugh like that? What was so funny that he nearly spilt his drink all over himself? SOMEONE TELL ME- I NEED TO KNOW. You don't have to be aggressive about it and you could even revaluate the situation, think about it, you know he loves you and you know you have just as much fun with him, if not even more. So is it even worth mentioning? Obviously if he's constantly talking to other girls and making you feel like shit then you need to get out of there, no matter what your situation, you always deserve nothing but the best. Momma didn't raise no doormat.


2. Remember, He/She is With You For a Reason

You're obviously in this relationship for a reason, sure don't you guys love each other or something? I know people cheat all the time and sometimes it's who you least expect BUT  you can't live your life constantly being worried he's going to find some new gal and run off in the sunset together? He loves you and you love him so just bask in that, take it all in. Go text your boo right now and let them know, you never know, it could make their whole day. Most of the time when boys go out together, all they want to do is go out, get insanely drunk, have a little dance and come home again. I'm telling you, bro's before hoes remember that. Trust each other.





I literally cannot stress this enough. Comparing yourself to every girl/guy you meet on the street will be the death of you. You're unique in your own way and that's prrrrrobably the reason you're bae is with you in the first place, we're all different and each and every one of us have different traits that make us who we are and we don't embrace them enough! You do you boo, and I'll do me.



4. Don't Ask For Advice off People

You know your boo better than your friends know your boo. The advice they give you will only try help you feel better but an actual fact, it makes you feel worse and for me it makes me miss him so much and I just want a cuddle and get over it. You will have friends that love and loath your boo, but stand by him. Trust your gut, you know what he's like,  and ask yourself, would he actually hurt me? The answer is probably no, sure aren't you just great!



Remember, you all deserve the world and never settle for less.


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