Dressing for your Shape : Festival Fashion

Festivals have to be one of the most fun things to dress up for. It’s all about layering, clashing, and really letting your personality shine through. You can embrace every festival trend at once and not look OTT. Everything goes!

However, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to wear to an upcoming festival then fear not. Here’s all you need to know about what to wear and how to wear it.

There are always loads of festival trends around during the summer. You can’t go wrong with a bit of denim, floral, fringing and studding.  Apart from the obvious trends there’s tribal,  90’s, grunge. It’s kind of an endless list. You just need to decide what suits you.

My ultimate list of things to wear at a festival:

Denim cut-offs (brownie points if they are customized by you)

Over-sized Tee


Crop top

Maxi skirt



One pair of trousers( this season a printed pair is bang on)

A kimono or wrap


Lots of gold jewellery

A hat – fedora, trilby, floppy hat.. You decide!

A great pair of sunnies

Pair of converse


A floral dress


Denim/Leather/Camo jacket

For boyish figures:  If you want to add some shape and curves to your figure, while also highlighting your long lean limbs, try out a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. They’ll emphasise your waist, skim your hips (while creating a nice curve) and show off your pins! And the best part is you can wear anything with them. A rock Tee, crop top, sweater, bikini top, and tights when its chilly.

For curvy figures:  You already have curves to die for, so you won’t need to create them. Dress in well fitted clothing and wear bright prints and colours on the bits you really want to show off. A nice summers dress belted at the waist would be a wonderful way to show off that hourglass shape.

It’s so nice to wear new pieces when you’re going to a festival, but try not to blow your whole budget on clothing. Instead find some old clothes around your house and get DIY-ing to create some truly unique pieces. It’s much cooler when no one else will show up wearing the same thing as you. Great pieces to DIY are denim shorts, plain t-shirts, leather/denim/camo jackets, and you can even make your own jewellery with a cheap trip to the hardware store.

Gemma McLean @  www.fashionvent.wordpress.com

Orla Byrne
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