Should You Eat That?: 23 Of The Fastest Ways To Annoy A Girl...

Girls are temperamental creatures. It doesn't take much to set them off. Men worldwide are regularly bemused and dismayed by a sudden turn of their fair lady's mood. It honestly doesn't take a whole lot for you to become the worst human in the world. Here are 23 of the fastest ways to annoy a girl!

1. Get Her Name Wrong

2. Tell Her She's Like Her Mother


3.Tell Her She's Like Her Father

4. Ask Her "Do You Really Think You Should Eat That?"


5. Any Woman Hating Joke

6. Being Politically Incorrect


7. Acting Like You Deserve Them

8. Saying "You Remind Me Of My Ex"


9. Trying To Change Her

10. Judge Her Interests


11. Backhanded Compliments

12. One Word Texts



13. Ask Her If She's On Her Period

14. Say Her Sister Is Hot


15. Use Your Phone While She Talks To You

16. Tell Her She's Being Crazy or Dramatic


17. Refuse To Go Down On Her

18. Pee On The Seat


19. Give Her A Shit Nickname like "Twinkle-Tits"

20. Criticise Her Appearance


21. Say How Much You Like Another Girl's Style

22. 'Snapback' Her Bra


23. Talk To Her Belly Like She's Pregnant


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