Everybody Can Relax Now, The Hover Board Thing Wasn't Real

After taking part in a spoof video for a hover board, fans of Tony Hawk voiced their displeasure when they found out that it was a fake video and the hover boards weren’t real. Do you think Tony needed to apologise for making the video, or are people too whiny?

Tony, in a statement said...

"I was recently invited to participate in a prank video "revealing" the reality of hoverboards. It seemed harmless and fun, but the video spread and it was wildly misleading. This was not a promotion for a new movie or videogame, nor did I get paid (unrelated: I am releasing a game for mobile devices relatively soon). My reward was riding in a DeLorean with Doc, and pretending to be a stuntman."




And for anyone who was actually stuck under a rock for the previous few days, here is the original spoof video for Huvr...


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