What To Expect When You're In A Relationship In College

For some people, college can be seen as a fresh start. You don't want to be tied down by someone, and want to experience college life to the full, a.k.a. going out and getting fucked up every week. With college and hungover lectures come a whole host of obstacles to your relationship, as opposed to school. I, however, am of the opinion that you don't need to be single to experience college life to the max. Here's what I learned from being in a relationship, while in college:

People are surprised that you're in one.

When I tell people that I have a boyfriend, most people are surprised that I could control my obviously raging sex drive to one person while in college. College isn't a time for commitment, and relationships should be based purely on convenience and horniness. Em, no. That's the not the case for everyone. Just because you want to recreate The Hangover with all your homies doesn't mean we all do. So fuck off with your surprise that a relationship has lasted this long.

Cheating is expected.

Just because you're going to college doesn't mean that you won't be able to control yourself. So many people expect you to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend when you're in college, because that's just what happens. College is for fucking things up and making mistakes, and this is supposed to be one of them. (FYI just because it's expected, doesn't mean it's accepted. Don't do it unless you want to be an asshole).

It can hold you back.

Having someone waiting for you to come home can make you more reluctant to get out there and do yo' thang. We all know making friends is kind of a pain in the ass because it can be hard, and it can be even harder when you have to balance these new found friends and your other half. Cue inner dilemma over whether to go out or stay home and cuddle.

Say hello to the green eyed monster.

Neither of you were jealous before, but it can happen after starting college that you start to feel these weird feelings of "who dat bitch?" when you're at home and they're out partying for the fourth time this week. Everyone wants to have the best time possible at college, obvs, and if your other half is out there having more fun than you, it can be easy to become a teeeensy bit jealous of all their new friends. DON'T LEAVE ME BAE.

You'll have less time together.

Who knew adulthood would be so fucking busy? Between college, nights out, friends and if you're (un)lucky A JOB, it can be hard to find time to waste with your bf/gf. And it sucks. So expect less cuddles and more quickies as you try and make the most of your time together, in the most productive way.

Failure is expected.

It's like people expect you to break up. Yeah, maybe statistically it's likely that you won't get your happily ever after, but it would be much appreciated if everyone could fuck off with their, "it won't last" and "you'll make new friends and become too busy". It ain't helpful. And if it does end, (le cry) the "I told you so's" are even worse. Doesn't mean you can see the future assholes.

Netflix and chill is a real thing.

Depending on the person and the situation, Netflix and chill can mean more than one thing. But when you're fecked after a hard ass day of sleeping through lectures and sipping Starbucks, when you get home to your other half sometimes all you want, and all you can afford to do IS netflix and chill. Another episode of Suits, anyone?

Clodagh McMeel
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