12 Signs You And Your Ex Should Get Back Together

It's been a while since you and your ex split up and you've found yourself wondering why you broke up in the first place...Are you entering dangerous territory or simply confronting yourself with the truth? Maybe you're just not over them, or maybe it's meant to be. Either way, here are 12 signs you and your ex should tell Taylor Swift to fuck off and get back together ASAP.

1. You Hang Out All The Time

You grab lunch, watch movies and generally do all the things couples do, just without the label. Fuck it! Make it official, you're basically dating anyways.

2. You Forgot Why You Even Broke Up

If you're not meant to be with someone, you'll know it. However, if you find it easy to overlook the reasons why it wasn't working out, there's a chance that your breakup was just an overreaction.

3. You Can't See Yourself With Anyone Else


If you and your ex gave each other some space and time and you still can't imagine dating anyone else, maybe you shouldn't. What you want could be right in front of you.

4. There's Still Chemistry

When you touch, you get that electric feel at your fingertips. When you make eye-contact, it's more than just a simple look. You still have chemistry and, like molecules, have no choice but to heed Murphy's law: what can happen will happen.

5. It Just Feels Right

Sometimes, you just know. Even if you've had a few rough patches, that doesn't mean you should throw your relationship away forever. If you instinctually feel that your ex is the one, go for it! Instincts are rarely wrong.


6. No One Else Understands You Like They Do

You've tried dating other people, but it feels like eating sugar-free ice cream: really fucking unsatisfying. Give it up, the reason you know what it is you're looking for in a person because you've already found them!



7. You've Learned From Your Mistakes


In hindsight, maybe you shouldn't have cheated, or been such a bitch, or judged them unnecessarily. When you've been through hell and back with someone, the only way to go is up. Believe me, they've probably learned from their missteps, too.

8. You're Both Making Gestures

A sure sign that you and your ex should reignite the flame is if you notice each other making small, meaningful gestures. Maybe he pulls your chair out for you or sends you flowers on your birthday. Maybe you call him every month to check in and drop soup by when he's sick. There's a reason why you feel compelled to do these things and it's probably more than just friendship.

9. There's A Reason Why You're Attracted

You can't help but realize that you're innately attracted to your ex. Even though you've been there, done that, you still find them totally enamouring. Follow your gut! Even if you can't think of a logical explanation for why you can't let go, that doesn't mean there isn't one somewhere deep down.


10. You're Evolving Together

Every time you see your ex you notice that you're both growing up. You're moving on with your lives and maturing at the same time and the same pace. You might have a good chance of making things work now that you both have a more adult perspective on love and life.

11. You Can't Stay Away

I mean, come on. You think about them at night before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning when you wake up. When you hear their name, you whip around just to check and find yourself at places and events where you have a chance of seeing them. Give it up, you miss them! Stop fighting it and fight for it.


12. You're Still In Love With Them

Sometimes you have to walk away to realize how you really feel. Love isn't simple or straight-forward. It has ups and downs and backwards loops. It's never too late to take a look at what you left and realize that you can't live without it.


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