19 Things Every Girl Will Notice About A Guy

Guys, you'd be surprised how many things girls actually notice about you. While you might end up just checking us out to see how big our bum and/or boobs are or what colour hair we have, we're making calculated decisions based on a lot of factors. There's quite a few things we notice almost instantly when we meet you, so don't take it too harshly if we turn you down, it's just in our nature to notice these things.

1. Teeth/Smile


A guy's teeth and can say a lot about who he is as a person. If you're not smiling at me, I'm assuming you're not interested. And if you're just worried about your teeth, I'm going to assume that you don't take proper care of them. It's a bit cringey making out with a guy and realising too late that he's got nasty teeth.

2. Hair



Head, facial, or, erm, chest, any hair you've got should probably be well maintained. If you're looking a bit unkempt I'll guess that you don't care about impressing people. You don't have to go full out, but at least trim those flyaways.

3. Outfit


An outfit says a lot about how much you care. If you're dressed in a suit and tie, I'm guessing you've just come from work (on a weekday) or you're trying too hard. But if you're not trying hard enough (tracksuit wearers, I'm looking at you) then I'm not headed for you. There's something to be said for a guy who can find a nice shirt and some jeans that fit well and flatter his figure.


4. Body Language


If you're standing with your arms crossed all night, I'm not coming up to you. You don't look like you're having fun and you're warding off all the girls. If you're standing with an open look about you, I'm definitely more likely to walk over and strike up a conversation.

5. Manners



If you're rude to other people around you or to me, it's a no-go. How you treat others tells me a lot about you, please and thank you's are the bare necessities.

6. Eyes


While you might think girls are always attracted to one eye colour, you're definitely wrong. If your eye colour is striking and goes well with your face, then I am head over heels. Eyes are the window to the soul, right?


7. Eye Contact


...Or lack thereof. If you're not looking me in the eye, I'm guessing you've got something to hide or there's something on my face. Just make eye contact, it's really, really sexy.

8. Accent



Any accent that isn't a girl's own is extremely attractive, end of story.

9. Laugh


If your laugh is really, really awful or fake, it comes across really badly.


10. Eyebrows


Manscape that shit, unibrows are not your friend.

11. Jawline



This is a personal preference, but if you have a jaw that can cut a diamond, I'm yours.

12. Height


Some girls like short guys, some like 'em tall. We definitely notice your height, though.


13. Posture


You have no idea how much more attractive you are when you stand up straight.

14. Hygiene



For the love of all that is good in this world, just have some personal hygiene. Please.

15. Voice


If I hear your voice and it's really smooth or deep, I'm all about it.


16. Confidence


Being confident is 10x more likely to get a girl to come up to you or continue talking to you.

17. Sense of Humour



Nothing worse than a guy who can't take a joke. Lighten up, man! It's okay to laugh.

18. Smell


Please don't forget deodorant before a night out, it can make a world of difference.


19. Shoes


Sounds petty but we really do notice them. You do not want to roll up in some sort of weird flip flop Croc looking shoes, it'll only end badly.


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