Five Of The Most Paranormal Places In The World...

Damnation At The RDS Dublin...

If you're a fan of the paranormal then I'm sure you've heard the stories about Samuel Page roaming the corridors of Dublin's RDS recently? Coming to the RDS in Dublin for the month of October, 'Damnation' is the ultimate scare experience based around the life and times of one of Ireland's most notorious satanic cults, no doubt it'll have you screaming your lungs out... Journey through a labyrinth of terrifying rooms where you can expect to leave your comfort zone and come face to face with some of your worst fears. The gruesome scenes and startling scares will push even the most fearless to their very limits... Damnation is running in the RDS Ballsbridge every day this October! Here is a snippet from the interactive experience, if you're not scared already, you will be after watching this...

You can purchase early bird tickets here for a special price of €17


Borgvattvet (The Haunted House) - Sweden


The most messed up place in Scandinavia. Known to be a vicarage in it's day, ghost sightings were first recorded in 1927, with a sighting of a scary woman becoming increasingly common. In one account, a guest at the house was woken up during the night to find three women sitting across from her bed on a sofa. When the guest had turned on the lights, the three women were still there... staring...

Loftus Hall, Wexford - Ireland

Ireland is covered in haunted houses and mansions, but there's no doubt that Loftus Hall is up near the top of the list. Taken over by the Loftus family in the 1650's, various legends are attached to this place, the most popular being that it was once visited by the Devil. Ghost sighting are also common enough in the halls of the building. Expect a chair or two to be thrown at you as this is a poltergeist haven!

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire - England



Amongst serious paranormal investigators the Ancient Ram Inn (yes it is actually a B&B) is famous, with over twenty ghosts haunting this one site. The Inn's history belongs to pagan child sacrifices, devil worshipping, and the owner finding bones scattered around the house. The most common occurrence among guests is to be dragged out of your bed at night and held down by an incubus (a demon which forces himself among sleepers). Also listen out for cries from children and sightings of a priestess at the end of your bed.  Delightful. 

Woodlawn House, Galway - Ireland

Riddled in deep history, Woodlawn House has had so much paranormal activity that it has been named the most haunted place in Ireland. Built in the 18th century for a noble politician, Woodlawn House was once a place for the elite to socialise and a family home. In this day and age the building lies semi-derelict due to a fire, and is not open to the public. However, if you were to visit, expect intense poltergeist activity, creepy shadows and eerie voices.


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