GlamGlow Mud Mask Review

Beauty product obsessed, Orla Byrne, tries out the volcanic ash mud mask Glam Glow.

Man oh man was I excited when I got the chance to try this stuff out. I had heard bloggers RAVING about it, and with my new found skincare obsession, I was dying to give it a go. I was not disappointed. Now it was very weird, and a little gross, but I LOVE it.


GlamGlow is a mud mask that literally draws dirt and oils out of your pores, how do I know? Well eh, you can see it. After the mask dries these tiny black spots start to appear on your problem areas and they are - you guessed it - pure dirt. Now this is gross but oddly satisfying, kind of like pulling off a particularly mingin pore strip. This was the first mask I've ever tried where my skin was literally glowing afterwards, and people did remark on how good my skin looked without me saying anything about the GlamGlow.


This stuff is pretty pricey so I try not to over use it, but I use it quite a lot as a spot treatment and about once a week as a mask. This is definitely enough to maintain that "glam glow" (har har). The only place where this mask loses a few marks is the price, as it is around the €50 mark for 36g, but this is very worth it, and I'll be saving my pennies for my next jar!!

Orla Byrne is a 21 year old makeup obsessed product junkie from Killiney. Currently studying Marketing in Independent College Dublin, she aspires to one day owning a tiny dog and a giant handbag. You can see more from Orla at her websitewww.orlabyrne.com, follow her on twitter @orlabyrne3, or check out her Facebook atwww.facebook.com/OrlaByrneMakeUp

Orla Byrne
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21 year old makeup addict and college times style editor from south county dublin. Aspires to one day own a small dog and a big handbag. "The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it."- Diana Vreeland
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