10 Things Every Guy Should Do For His Girlfriend When She's On Her Period

Boyfriends seem to go into hiding for a few days every month. But c'mon lads, step up to the plate. It's only a period. We put up with your man-flu/annoying mates/childish huffs every day. Now it's your turn to tolerate us being just a teeny bit crankier than usual...

1. Bring her lots of her favourite foods.


This is always a solid plan. Ask her what she wants and go get it. Never guess. Guess and you'll be sorry.

2. Treat Her



You should always wanna surprise your gf, but giving her a treat at this particular time might earn you extra brownie points. Turning up with her favourite magazine and a giant bar of Galaxy is always a good call and she won't forget it.

3. Avoid Mentioning "Hormones"


Or anything remotely to do with PMS. If she's cranky or moody etc. etc. and you say something like "ah sure it's just your period causing this" get ready for a world of pain. It's just not worth it, so keep schtum.


4. Don't Tease Her


A simple joke could be taken waaay outta context. Ease up on the slagging for the next few days unless you wanna have to listen to her rant and rave about how "insensitive" you are.

5. Be Patient



This is a major one. Bite your tongue and hold back any remarks that could be misconstrued...just basically act like a nodding dog for a few days. Hey, you wanted the girlfriend, this is the price you gotta pay.

6. Don't Control The TV


Give her the remote control. Right now. The movies are gonna be her choice for the next few days so again, just go with it. If you suggest something and get The Look, then back away. Offer to make tea. Do anything but what you are doing basically.


7. Don't Force Her To Go Out


Forget it. She is bloated and sore and tired and cranky. Getting into a restricting piece of clothing, going out and having to converse with people she hates isn't on top of her to-do list.

8. Be Affectionate



This is always a winner. Unless you've just majorly pissed her off. Then for the love of God, don't try and hug her. Otherwise though, you're good.

9. Listen


God help ya if your concentration trails off while she's talking to you. Top tip: don't pretend to be asleep. Just admit you weren't paying attention and apologize. And offer to make her tea. All will be forgiven.


10. Painkillers All The Way


If all else fails, chuck a packet of Nurofen at her and hope for the best. Sure it'll all be over in a few days. Eh, yeah so best of luck in the meantime!


Credit: Superwoman.

Aoife Loughnane
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