Are Guys Intimidated By Hot Girls? Written By A Man Who Is

When a guy first sees a hot girl they will usually size them up and make assumptions about what they are like as a person. This is usually done quite quickly, usually in a matter of seconds. Then we will think of approaching them and introducing ourselves, but then fear sets in. The fear of rejection which has held many a man back from making the move on a girl that he finds attractive. In this article I will try to answer the question 'are guys intimated by hot girls?' And if so, what are the reasons for it.

As I said before, the main problem is the fear of rejection. You know, when you talk to a girl and she tells you she's not interested (yeh, we all know that feeling) Funnily enough, this fear stops guys from even initiating conversation with a girl he thinks is hot. It's ok when talking to a girl that is pretty or one that you're not physically attracted to. There is a pressure that comes when you're talking to a hot girl and you don't want to come off looking like and idiot when you introduce yourself.

So then we don't end up introducing ourselves at all and just let the opportunity slip away without knowing what they think about us. Eventually, this makes most girls unattainable and our odds of getting with a hot girl start to diminish. Society dictates that guys should always make the first move, but if we are intimated by a girl and what might happen, then we're going to hold off. Most guys need to have some drink in them before they make an approach, because at that stage they don't care anymore. Guys are meant to have lods of confidence and be able to strike a conversation with a girl. We have our insecurities as well, so it does take a lot for a guy to intiate things with the elusive hottie!

What basically ends up happening with hot girls is that we put the pussy on the pedestal and they become so unattainable that we don't even try. We build them up in our heads as being perfect, and think, why would they want to talk to us? So much is portrayed about girls in the media and how they are meant to look , for guys we're constantly thinking how can we measure up to that. Guys really just have to deal with what they've got and can't do much about it.


It's interesting that women say they want a man that is chivalrous and on the other hand, one that is in touch with their emotions. It is a tricky balance and most guys really only have one or the other. The definition of a man has changed a lot over the years as well and a lot of guys really obsess over how they look. There is nothing wrong with taking care of how you look, but a lot of the time guys will go overboard and literally all they care about is their hair. What does this say about guys? and have some guys become too vain to cover up how they really feel?

It all really comes back to what is expected of a man nowadays, and if we're expected to be courteous to girls or just self centered and superficial. Have we become soft in the middle and that's why we're nervous when it comes to talking to hot girls. The pressure is on us to make the move and be confident when most of the time we're not even confident in ourselves. I'm not asking for girls to be the one to intiate things, but next time take into consideration what it takes for a guy to actually make a move on you.

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