What Guys Secretly Think About Girls Make-Up

When it comes to make-up guys don't really have a clue, for obvious reasons. We do, however judge women on the kind of make-up they wear, whether that's fair or not doesn't really matter in this instance. There is a lot you can tell about a girl from her cosmetics, but guys would never tell them. So here are the things guys secretly think about girls make-up...

12) Fake Tan

You look about 12 , and you look like you're about to go out to Wezz for the first time. Guys love tanned girls, when girls cake on the fake tan it's a real turn off  mainly because there's a real chance they could get it all over their face.

11) Covered In Perfume

Well, clearly they're trying to mask the smell of alcohol and kebabs from last night so it's not a great start. When a girl smells good, it's definitely a redeeming quality, but when she is covered in Beyonce's latest you know she is trying to hide something.


10) Au-Natural

This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have make-up. It just means that they just put on a enough to make it look like their not wearing any. Natural beauty is always attractive and even though they always say stuff like" I'm so ugly" they still put on make -up every day.

9) Fake Nails

No man knows why women feel the need to wear fake nails, they just hope that they won't end up with scratch marks on their back if they hook up with them.


8) Hair spray

Some guys use hair spray, but when a girl uses too much they can end up looking like a poodle. Not only can you smell it off her, but it makes her  hair look really greasy. Guys prefer girls with long flowing hair that actually moves in the wind and doesn't stick together.


7) Dark Lipstick

It usually means she is ready for business, you know that they have been around the block a few times. They're not afraid to tell you what they want and are brimming with confidence. Guys can either be extremely turned on by this or extremely intimidated.


 6) Eye Liner

Most guys don't know it, but what really makes  girl sexy is actually they're eye liner. They always look like they're being seductive, but applying too much eyeliner can make them look like an emo chick if your into that.

5) Glossy Lips

It can definitely be very attractive when a girl bites her lips, it's a sure sign that she's flirting with you. It's even better when you're kissing her, it makes it ten times better. The only problem is when  there constantly touching it up


4) Fake eye lashes

A girl's eye lashes can really make her pretty, guys love it when girls bat their eyes at them. They only things that really turns guys off is when you actually see them putting them on. It looks the same as when a girl is trying to put their contacts in.

 3) Blush

Guys don't t even realise when a girl has a little bit of blush on... Guys definitely do notice do when they apply too much make-up to the face. It's not the most attractive thing when a girl ends up looking  like a clown.


2) Hair extensions

Guys notice when a girl is wearing hair extensions or so I thought, turns out most men are too stupid to realise when a girls hair is real or fake, oh well so much for the male species...

1) No make- up selfie

Some girls still  look pretty decent , but there are always those that look like they just woke up from a coma and they have only just puberty. It's only then, that guys really understand why girls wear make-up.

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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.
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