Halloween Tutorial: Anonymous

It's October! Which means it's time to start thinking about your Hallowe'en costume! Make up artist extrodinare, Orla Byrne, will be doing a series of face painting ideas and tutorials. If you have any requests, send them into [email protected]

Here's the much requested Anonymous mask tutorial. This look is VERY easy and great for both guys and girls. All you need is black and white facepaint, black eyeshadow and a pink blush!

Step One

Paint your face completely white.

This also doubles as a cute look for a night on the town with the girls....... not.



Step Two

Draw in the outline of the contours with a black eyeshadow and blend outwards to create depth. Use a picture for reference


Step Three


Use a pink blush to colour the apples of your cheeks only. Draw in the moustache, beard, eyebrows and eyeliner with black facepaint, again using a picture for reference. As I said, this look is super easy! Good luck!



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