How To Handle When She's Into Your Friend

There's a girl you've been trying to date but she just seems a lot more interested in your friend than you. Do you keep trying or just give it up?


1. You don't live in a movie.

Grand gestures and declaring your love to her in the airport probably isn't going to turn out the way movies would have you think. It's more likely to ruin your chances and create a very awkward scene.

2. If your friend is into her too there's nothing you can do.

If they're gonna date each other then let em be happy.



3. If he's not into her, don't get hung up.

Just because he doesn't like her back doesn't mean she likes you now.


4. Try not to push yourself in.

Don't get in the way of them getting together. It's probably gonna suck balls seeing them together at first but it'll get easier. Pushing yourself in is just gonna alienate yourself.


5. Accept that she's just not into you.

Some people just won't see you that way, for whatever reason.


6. When you find out she likes someone else, don't get with her.


It'll just make things worse. You'll probably grow closer to her and she'll still be more interested in other people.

7. Don't fall for the 'jealous' trick.

Some people don't mind playing mind games, or using others to get what they want. If they wanna get with you but still seem interested in your friend you're just setting yourself up for a big fall.


8. Try not to get sour about them liking each other.


No point in losing your friend over it.

9. Your friend was your friend first.

You were friends before this girl came along, don't let her drive a wedge between you two.


10. Find someone else.


There's always gonna be someone else out there. Whatever you're feeling for her is gonna pass.


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