How To: Hipster Moustache

Are you really bored? Got some Dax? And a moustache? Me too, let's play with our facial hair!

Step 1

Have a moustache, you can have a goatee if you want but make sure there's a separation.

Step 2

Grab your Dax Wax, the red kind has the best hold.



 Yeah grab some of that sheit.

Step 3

Lather it into your nose neighbour.


Seriously, get up in there.

Step 4:

Twirl it like Richard Dastardly.


Smooooooth it out.

What are you doing with your life?

Look disinterested and unimpressed for your selfie.

Add some hipster props, I don't have any glasses because ew.

Aaaaaaaaand Instagram that shit.

Congratulations, you now look like a complete asshole.

Mikey Andreasson
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Video Section Editor at CT. Writer, Director, Actor, Lothario. Hobbies include: sailing, fencing, flower pressing, and writing mini bios.
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