How You Know You Have Friends You Can Count On

Throughout your life you will have a number of different friends, some you can count on others you can't. It's often the ones that say " We're such good friends" that when it comes down to it they won't be there for you. So if you want to know who your real friends are , here it is... How you know you have friends you can count on.

30) They give you constructive criticism about how you dress

If they criticize your dress sense it means that they just want you looking the best you can. They might give you advice on what to wear or go shopping one day. Either way you know that they will never let you go out looking like your Mother dressed you.

29) You can call them at anytime

Whether it's 9 in the morning or 3 o clock at night they will always be there to talk to. Most of the time, you ring them about something stupid like how you're going to die because of that pimple on your face. When the conversation is more serious they're always there to listen.


28) They will always answer the phone by insulting you

When you have known each other for so long, they don't just say hi. They have to think of the worst name imaginable to call you when they answer the phone. "Hey stink breath, what's up ass muncher" it's their twisted way of saying hey buddy.

27) They know every little detail about you

They now that really you're a junk food monster and that you they know your favorite show is still Spongebob Squarepants. You trust them with this information and now that if you ever fuck up they can blackmail you with your own secrets.


26) So they know why you're in a bad mood

They can tell if you're having a bad day, so they know how to act when you're  in a shitty mood. They will keep the conversation light, but every now and again they will try piss you off even more just because they know they can.

25) They always know how to raise your spirits

Sometimes it's just them saying something really stupid that makes you crack a smile, but  a lot of the time it's just having someone to talk to that makes you feel better. If gets your mind off things and sometimes you even forget what you were annoyed about.


24) A text from them can instantly change your mood

You immediately light up when you get a text off them. Even if it's the most stupid thing imaginable you're just glad that they text. You know that they're also having the most boring day possible.

23) They stop you from doing stupid things when you're drunk........sometimes

If you're insanely drunk and have no controls of your actions, they will make sure you don't make a fool of yourself. When you're drunk enough that you know what you're doing, then it's all on you. If you blackout, of course they will put permament marker on your face...... such good friends.


22) Sometimes you don't need words to communicate

When something hilarious happens and you don't want to burst out laughing in front of everyone, you look at them and they just know.

21) They slag you when your single and when you're in relationship

When you're single they slag you about how lonely you are and that you need a boyfriend or girlfriend. Then when you're in a relationship with someone they say that you're whipped and that you don't spend any time with them anymore, which is probably true.


20) They put up with you blabbering on about how great your boyfriend/ girlfriend is

They have to deal with you rambling on about your relationship and your loved up antics. They know that soon enough you will break up with them and you will come crawling back to them .

19) They also know when they're not right for you

They know your type, so when someone comes along they will always tell you to find someone else. You usually say that you don't care you and that you like them. Sooner or later you will realise just how right they were.


18) They force you to go out, because they know you need it

So your still broken up over your last relationship and really need to get back in the game. Your friends will aways try and get you to go out, because you have been sitting in your house moping for the last 2 months. You will always be glad that you did go out with them in the end.

17) If you're broke, they will pay for your drinks

If you give them the excuse that you're broke they will say that they will pay for your drinks. The best part is that you say you will pay them back, but they wont really care if you don't.


16) When you see each other you make faces like this

15) They call you out if you smell bad

They're not afraid to say when you smell bad, if they happen to have some lynx on them they will let you use it. It's more for themselves so they don't have to be beside someone who smells, but also because they want you smelling your best.

14) And when you look like a mess


If you have on those days where you forget to check yourself in the mirror, they will always call you out on it. Whether it's because you were out last night or just sick, they will always say "Wow, you look like a shit".

13) They only post the good photos of you on Facebook

They have all those really dodgy pictures of you when you are smashed even though they said they would delete them. They only post the good ones on social media to spare your blushes.

12) Thier Snapschat is the reason you almost wet yourself


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