Instagram: The Why & The Who

Ever since Instagram came to be, the way people view and share photography has changed forever. Whether it be the only decent selfie you managed to salvage from your last night out, or a perfectly placed cup of coffee (anything’s art if you say its art), Instagram is a place to share the specific photos that you want people to see. I mean, if you went out for food and didn’t Instagram it, did you even go out for food at all?


Not only is Instagram the perfect way to let the hipster side of you shine bright, but it is also an excellent means for a brand or personality to interact with their audience. Instagram is an unparalleled platform for brands to market their products and lines to their customers, and build hype for any upcoming events and releases. As well as that, it can really aid in establishing a strong social media presence by allowing you the option of leaving comments and liking other people’s pictures. Certain features of Instagram such as hashtagging and the ability to tag another account are valuable to those using the ‘gram as a marketing tool; they aid in brand recognition and interactions with possible customers. Hello, a gazillion followers!



Who To Follow?

1. FoxTail and Moss (foxtailandmoss).

Okay, everyone knows their college housing may not be the nicest, but nothing puts your shabby, slightly mouldy, 3 bed 90’s throwback to shame quite like this account. These two friends Claire and Lauren have created Foxtail and Moss to showcase the lovely things in life, which is obvious in their Instagram. The pictures range from beautiful interiors to quirky little decorations, all of which capture simplicity and style effortlessly. A quick scroll through their account is sure to leave you questioning whether or not that pyramid of empty naggins was really as chic as you thought it would be.


2. Foodie (foodiegram).


If you thought cooking was difficult, then you are completely right, which is why account like this will leave you in awe. Foodiegram is a collection of some of the most delectable looking food to grace Instagram, and the pictures are credited to their original source too. The food varies from pasta to ice cream, and everything in between. How they manage to make the food so aesthetically pleasing is unknown, and this is certainly not a page to scroll through when you’re hungry; it will seriously make you consider throwing out your kale smoothie in favour of a take away (even though there is no mention of a 4in1 on the page, but the heart wants what the heart wants).

3. Alannized (allanized).

I thought I knew make-up; I was wrong. This guy knows make-up; his eyes are mesmerising, his eyebrows are on fleek, and his contour is so sharp it could grate cheese. The great thing about his account is that not only does he post pictures of his make-up, but he also utilises the video feature of Instagram to show how he does his face in quick bite-sized videos that give you the gist of how he does it and makes you gasping for his full sized YouTube videos.



4. Rachel (rachermk).

If you ever need to fall more in love with the beautiful little country that is Ireland, take peak at this account. This stunning photography will really make you appreciate the little scenes in life; an old stairwell in a ruined castle or a simple potato in a field. As an Irish person, some of these pictures will make your heart swell a little with how amazing this country can be in its most simple forms, and even if you’re not Irish this account will give you a quick glimpse at what this country’s landscape has to offer.


5. Twisted Doodles (twisteddoodles).


This quirky cartoonist is sure to put a smile on your face no matter what your mood.  The cheery and light-hearted account is filled with cute and funny drawings about a range of topics, and major plus is that some of them can also come in card form should you want to send the happiness on to someone else, which you 100% would. But should the idea of sending a card by post fill your soul with dread (how archaic, we may as well be using carrier pigeons), you can just following the page on Instagram. Because in all fairness, who doesn’t love a good pun or two?


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