A Lad's Guide To Tinder

Tinder is an amazing tool for students to meet and engage with new people, create new relationships or to just mess around. There's a lot of pressure of us lad's when using Tinder, from making sure our profile is appealing to the people we wanna talk to, starting the conversation and hinting that you wanna meet up. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do when using Tinder.


1. Creating Your Tinder Profile


DO: Use your best pictures from your Facebook and Camera Roll to show off what you really look like.

DON'T: Use a picture of you shirtless from Snapchat with the caption "Gymming" on it.



2. Writing Your Tinder Bio


DO: Be truthful, say what you're studying in college and what you're into. Also, throw in a whitty comment or joke to show what kind of personality you have.

DON'T: Say that you have a "turbo dick" and that the lucky girl will get to experience it. This will make you seem desperate for the ride and you do not want to be disappointed when she says it isn't as big as she'd have thought.



3. Setting Your Location Settings


DO: Set your distance to a standard 5km at the start, that way you'll find all the women nearby and it'll make meeting up with them easier.

DON'T: Set your distance to the maximum 161km. You'll be raging with yourself when you match with an unreal looking girl from somewhere halfway across the country.




4. Starting The Conversation


DO: Be funny, confident and let the girl know that you mean business.


DON'T: Whatever you end up doing on Tinder, don't let the first message you send be about how you'd like to 'scramble her eggs.' She'll unmatch you faster than the daily special in the College Bar Diner.


5. Preparing For The First Date


DO: Bring her to a bar or restaurant for a meal and a few drinks and see where it goes from there.


DON'T: Think that, since she has said yes to the date, that she's going to go home with you first time. In other words, bring a condom with you but do not bring it up unless the topic comes up.



And that's pretty much it. Good luck with your new friendship, new love, or just your one night stand hook-up lads!

Video: Questions to Ask Your Tinder Match

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