What To Do When You Like Your Friend's Girlfriend

In most scenarios your friend gets a new girlfriend and that's all well and good. She's nice, she can handle a bit of banter and even bant back but this time it's different. This time something's after clicking with the two of you, you get along really well and you find yourself thinking about her and......Ah shit, you fancy your best friend's girlfriend.

1. Don't read into it too much.

Okay so you like her. No big deal right? It's not like you're gonna try and get off with her or anything so who cares?


2. Stay at a friendly distance.


There's nothing wrong with you two hanging out, just don't go bringing her for drinks or getting dinner. Actually dinner is probably fine if it's just a chip shop or burritos just don't go to that really fancy Italian place where they play classical music. That shit is romantic as hell.

3. Remember she's not the only girl in the world.

Go play the field instead of focusing on the one you can't have (like you usually do). She might even introduce you to some of her friends. In fact she'll probably be the best wingman you'll ever have, nobody better to talk you up to a girl than another girl. All you gotta do is not fuck it up when its your turn to talk.



4. Be happy for your friend.

He's bagged an absolute worldie so instead of being jealous of their relationship be happy for him, he's living the dream.


5. You fancy her, but he's your best mate.

Bros before hoes and all that. Girlfriend's come and go but your best friend is your best friend, he's been with you for your best and your worst times, your biggest achievements and your more shameful drunken nights. He did abuse the shit out of you afterwards though, which only a true friend can do and get away with.



6. Don't interfere with their relationship.

If things do start to go sour between the two of them don't go being Scar to Mufasa. If either of them come to you about it just hear what they have to say and don't try to influence them in either direction. In most cases they just need to clear their heads anyway so they'll make their own decisions.

7. If all else fails just pull it back a little.

There's nothing wrong with saying no to hanging out so if you really do find it's becoming a problem just pull it back a little and don't expose yourself to it, it'll just be torture for you and puts a strain on your friendship.



8. Just accept you aren't with her.

At the end of the day it's not the end of the world that you aren't with her. There are 7 billion people in the world and at least half of them are women so your chance of finding someone else is fairly decent wouldn't you say?


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