MakeUp Madness - Keeping It Classy

Oh children of MakeUp Madness, I am sorry I have forsaken ye. For weeks now you have ran in circles clutching mascara wands and crying into your Studio Fix. It has been a desolate, makeupless place... but fear not! I have returned, and brought with me a classy, grown up tutorial.

It has become very apparent during this unreasonably hot weather that heat + sun + a lot of makeup just does not look good. It looks cakey and unnatural. But how do we fix this? Wear less makeup? Heavens no! There is always a loophole, and I'm going to show you how to beat the system. In other words, this is a fresh, natural look which will still leaving you looking pretty and defined.

Step One

Fill in and conceal under your brows, and use a fluffy brush to pat a cream coloured shadow onto the entire lid and socket. I'm using "The Palette" by Diego Dalla Palma the entire way through this tutorial.


Step 2


Lightly trace out your socket line with a dark brown and blend blend blend with a clean brush. This will give the illusion of a deep socket without looking like a ton of shadow.


Step 3

Add a teeny bit of black to the outer v and again, turbo blend with a clean brush. There should be no harsh lines anywhere in this look.





Step 4

Finally, add a shimmery white to the browbone and inner corner, and a think lick of liquid liner.




Keep it classy ladies! I'll be back next week with a foxylicious night time look.








Orla Byrne
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21 year old makeup addict and college times style editor from south county dublin. Aspires to one day own a small dog and a big handbag. "The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it."- Diana Vreeland
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