Meet The Rich Kids Of Russian Instagram And Prepare To Feel Very Bad

This Instagram account is dedicated to the young and rich socialites of Russia, and how they showcase their affluent and luxurious lifestyles. These #RichRussianKids have the entire world talking about them, and how they have no problem flaunting their excessive wealth all over social media and in our faces.


Want to see how the other half live? Well, expect expensive champagne, lavish watches, and a lot of bikini pics. Jealous? Not at all…

Yes, because nothing says rich and successful until you’ve got your very own pet raccoon. I mean, this has got to be one of the most egotistical and shameful attempts at fame I have ever seen, and I am in no way jealous. Not at all. Okay, maybe a bit. Well, I’m like 50% jealous, 50% appalled. Okay, I’d probably do the exact same thing…


As I mentioned in the introduction, every one of us lets our egotistical side come out on social media, and each of us post photos and videos in an attempt to prove to our followers that we are indeed happy with what we’ve got – and that’s just what these Rich Russian Kids are doing. They’ve just got a lot more toys to play with…


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