Miley: From Fresh Faced To Foam Finger

Oh Miley. The VMAs had us cringing, but it turned out that that was just a prelude, and then you appeared with Wrecking Ball, weeping and licking away at a hammer with that (now, infamously) long tongue of yours, before writhing around in the nip. The song is mediocre, at best, but we’re all still talking about it because the video is a spectacle in itself. This is a tale we’re depressingly over familiar with; the clean-cut Disney kid, turned rebel on a rampage. Except in Miley’s case, in her haste to cast off the Disney shackles, she seem to have got a tad confused, and now we have to put up with photos of her twerking all over enormous cuddly toys, and men in mascot suits. Public outcry has ensued - even the man who created the foam finger has condemned Smiley’s use of his product at the VMAs. Steve Chmelar uttered that Miley “took an honorable icon that is seen in sporting venues everywhere and degraded it” but reckons that “fortunately, the foam finger has been around long enough that it will survive this incident”.

Miley, by contrast to the forty-two year old foam finger, has only been around for 20 years, most of which were lived in the limelight. Here’s a look back over them - from clean-cut starlet, to the girl we see romping around on our screens at present.


A Young Miley Working The Camera


The Hannah Montana Years



That Annie Leibovitz Photoshoot


Blossoming But Still Cutesy.



The Notorious Bong Pics


Trial Twerking For We Can’t Stop



The Day That Degraded The Foam Finger


Wrecking Ball

Julia O' Mahony
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