Mistakes Guys Make When Trying To Pick Up Girls

So you're on a night out and you catch the eye of an incredibly attractive lady across the room. You try not to panic and play it cool, because you know this is your chance. One wrong move and you can go from hero to zero, so you have to play your cards right. If you avoid doing any of this you should be in the clear. Here are the mistakes that guys make when trying to pick up a girl.

20) Thinking you're God's gift to women

Let's get one thing straight, you're the one going over to her so don't act all braggadocios. This doesn't mean you can't be confident in yourself, that's a different story, but just don't act like the world revolves around you and that every girl thinks your irresistible.

19) Intense eye contact

It's important to lock eye contact with the girl, but for god's sake don't stare her out of it from across the room. She will think you're a psycho if you're constantly giving her the eyes across the room. You won't get anywhere if  she thinks you  look like a serial killer.


18) Not buying her a drink

So you have been talking for a while and things are going well. She's just finished her drink, but you still haven't finished yours, but you don't offer to buy her one. We know some guys do it t flash the cash, but at least offer to pay for her next drink and she will at least have some respect for you.

17) Talking about themselves for too long

The girl might start off the conversation by asking you a few simple question, this doesn't mean you should ramble on for a half an hour about every little detail in your life. You should still answer the questions, but then ask her some question and get to know her.


16) Cheesy pick-up lines

They can be a good way to break the ice, but you shouldn't live or die by the pick up line. Eventually you are going to have start a proper conversation with her so you have to be prepared to actually talk to her, so you need some people skills.

15) Coming off as really desperate

There  is nothing worse than a guy acting really desperate when he is trying to pick up a girl. It can be embarrassing when a guy is trying really hard to impress you. If she doesn't like you, it's not the end of the world, there are plenty of other girls out there.


14) Laughing at everything

This is another sign of desperation from a guy, laughing at almost everything she says. A guy with a real obnoxious laugh can come off as being really pompous. It's ten times worse when a guy is the only one who laughs at his own joke.

13) Asking for her number too early on

So things are going well and you think she likes you, time to ask for her number right? Not necessarily, she is still sizing you up and the night is young, so just go a little longer and wait for the right moment to ask for her number.


12) Making the move at the wrong time

You got to wait for the right time to make your move, it can be embarrassing if you go over when she is going to the toilet. It can leave you in a very awkward situation, so you have to turn right back around and do the walk of shame.

11) Hanging around her too long

When there is a lull in the conversation it doesn't always mean you have to think of something clever or funny to say. It's ok to part ways and say that one of your friends just came in. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so if she like you, you will probably see her again during the night.


10) Waiting for her to make the move

The odds of a girl coming up and talking to you are very slim. Guys are the ones that have to take the initiative , nothing is going to happen if you just wait. More than likely she will just move on to someone else because you didn't make a move.

9) Misreading her body language

Sometimes what you think are signs of attraction are just her doing what she's doing. If she messes with her hair or bites her lip it can mean a  lot of things. Don't rush things,  It can be awkward if you go into to kiss her and she pulls away.



Also, I could watch this GIF for days...

8) Awkward compliments about her body

If you're going to give her a compliment about how she looks make it something simple like her eyes or her hair. Don't start listing off the different body parts that you find attractive. This will not impress her in the slightest and will come off as being really creepy.

7) Having a shit wing man


Your wing man can make or break you, make sure you choose wisely. Usually your mates are good and if they're actually your friends they will talk you up to girls. There is always that one friend though that hasn't a clue what to say and ends up making a fool of himself.

 6) Entering her personal space

You don't have to smother her when you're talking to her, if  it's loud and you can't hear what she is saying, just lean in don't squash her up against the bar. No one like when someone is right on top of them and shouting in their ear.

5) Ignoring her friends


Her friends can be the ones to make or break you. If you don't even acknowledge them, then they're not going to like you. When you go over to a group of girls, try to engage them all not just the one you like. If it goes well with her friends,  then they won't mind you talking to her.

4) Being the "nice" guy

It's ok to act nice to a girl and treat her the right way, but if you want to go anywhere with this girl you got to let her know your intentions. If you stay like this you're on a one way trip to the friend zone and you know you don't want to end up there.

 3) Acting like an asshole


For some guys it can work if they're a bit cheeky with girls and give them some stick. It's ok if it's playful, but if you cross the line you will look like an asshole and well, that's a completely different story. Acting like an asshole is a sure fire way to get a drink in the face.

2) Being way too drunk

One of the more common mistakes guys make is waiting till they have had 10 pints and plenty of shots. Some guys need drink to feel confident, but if you're slurring your words and can barely stand up she won't be impressed.

1) Failing to Close

You do all this legwork and then you throw it all away by failing to close. It's past the stage where you ensure if she is into you, but for some reason you freeze up and keep waiting to make a move. Suddenly, the night's over the bouncers are telling everyone to get out and she went off to find her friends. So close, yet so very far.

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