Opposites Attract: 10 Reasons To Date Your Polar Opposite

You'll date a lot of people in your lifetime and if you're lucky, you'll have some great memories and experiences to hold on to. You learn a lot through dating, especially about yourself and your preferences, but what about dating your polar opposite? Here are ten reasons why you should do just that...

You'll learn to think a bit differently.

The best part about being in a relationship like this is that you will see everything from a new perspective. Nothing strengthens or challenges your perceptions like a good old discussion or debate.

You'll challenge yourself.

You'll be curious as to why they think a certain way and you'll learn to respect each other's differences. Challenging yourself to exchange new ideas will be the best part of the relationship. Who knows, he may change your mind and vice versa.

It'll sharpen your communication skills.


This doesn't mean arguments, but if you're discussing different ideas with each other it's likely you'll get pretty good at communicating your point! Taking the time to get to know your differences in a way you both communicate will help your relationship go far and remain strong.

They can calm you down.

If you can be a stressed woman at the best of times, the best man you can have by your side is a calm one. The same applies for the other way round and it'll help you see when you're being unreasonable. Be the water to their fire.

They can motivate you.

If you feel lazy and your partner is going out for a run, then join them! If they're constantly active, it'll likely to help you eat healthier and be more active without even realizing it. A healthy influence is a great thing to have around.


You'll become much more sympathetic.

Being sympathetic is a great skill to have. When you know the perspective of your polar opposite, you’ll become amazing at understanding a variety of other different perspectives. You will then become the queen of sympathy and they'll all hail you, or something.

If you get on well, you'll know your love is more than just skin deep.

Being able to bounce off each others personalities is a great way to love in a relationship. It takes a real connection to be able to have a relationship with someone that goes beyond liking Netflix. It really doesn't matter what's on the outside.

They'll totally open your eyes to new films, music and TV shows.

What could be better than broadening your creative horizons while being in an amazing relationship?! Things you never thought you would like could suddenly become your passion or even a career. So get those creative juices flowing and try everything once.

You'll get great advice.

Having a polar opposite partner will mean that you're likely to see another perspective of almost every argument. This can be really handy, as it'll stop you getting mad at people for completely irrational reasons. Politics at its best.

And you'll never, ever be bored.

Most relationships seem to have a bit of a lull once you're over the honeymoon period. When you're with someone who is so different from you, it's much harder to get bored. You’ll constantly be surprised throughout your relationship, even when you thought the surprises were over. The perfect recipe for success, if you ask me.

Alex Langley
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Alex is a History of Art & Philosophy graduate from the illustrious Trinity College, which makes her a natural fit for College Times. She spends Monday to Friday writing smut and her weekends thinking deeply and History of Arting.
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