"He Was Pawing Her All Over," Man Rings Radio Kerry To Complain Of Couple In 60s Lewd Behaviour At Dance Hall

"He Was Pawing Her All Over," Man Rings Radio Kerry To Complain Of Couple In 60s Lewd Behaviour At Dance Hall

We all remember the harrowing teenage debauchery that used to occur in the halls of school discos (unless you were homeschooled, in which case I can only apologise for what you missed out on). The school sports hall would be transformed into a bacchanalian vista of acne-addled teens dashing about, tapping people on the shoulder and pointing at their friends, who would stand glumly off to one side, while the tapee - their prospective co-kisser - would stand their gazing at them, as if they were a judge assessing the worthiness of a dachshund at a showdog competition. Teens would hold their hands aloft to one another with glee, exhibiting their tally for the evening, like proud fisherman boasting of their haul.

Thankfully, we all rapidly grew out of such behaviour. However, as reported by one caller to Radio Kerry, there were scenes in a Kerry seniors dance hall, committed by a couple in their 60s, that would put even the darkest happenings at Wezz in its pomp to shame.

A caller, who went by the pseudonym Jim, to Kerry Today presented by Jerry O'Sullivan on Radio Kerry, described the 'indecent' and 'totally off-putting behaviour of the couple in their 60s.

"I dropped two people off at the door and there was two more people with me so I went over to park the car and whatever look I gave next to me, there was a roof light on in the car.

I could see where there was a couple inside in the car and they were engaging in sexual activity.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, you could see where the lady was exposed, her backside was up to the windscreen of the car more or less. You could see what was going on quite clearly."

Jim then said that the couple moved into the dance-floor at some point where they continued along similar lines.


"We could see the whole thing going on inside on the dance floor between the two of them.

They were stuck onto each other like superglue and they were out on the floor dancing and he’d his tongue stuck down her throat and he was pawing her all over.

He was pawing her breasts and her backside. It was very indecent really and totally off-putting and there was a lot of elderly people at the dance.

He was rubbing her up and down, all over, his hand was up her dress and everything. Inside in a public area, to see that going on is totally off-putting."

Astounding scenes in the dance halls of Kerry.

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